Recap: Spinner 360 Boat Tour!


On June 30th, Lomography Chicago gathered together with some of our favorite people for our most epic workshop yet! We snagged the Spinner 360 and headed out on the water to go on an architectural boat tour. What better way to capture the immense city than with our amazing panoramic camera?

First, we all met up at the store for a tutorial on how to load and shoot the camera. Everyone listened eagerly as the head of the staff, Piper, taught everyone the history of panoramic cameras, as well as a plethora of fun tricks to try out once we got on the boat.

After the workshop ended everyone headed downtown to grab lunch and get their seat on top of the boat. The weather was absolutely wonderful for both being on the water, and for the Spinner 360. It’s a very light-hungry camera, and we used 800 ISO film even with the bright sunlight around.

On the boat tour, we learned some fun facts about the city. For instance, there was a building on the river that was voted the ugliest building by the Chicago Tribune… who also owned the property! A bit ironic, don’t ya think? Needless to say we didn’t get any photos of that eyesore.

What we did make sure to capture though, was the beautiful Sears Tower (the Willis Tower to you out of towners), and everyone’s smiling faces as we enjoyed a relaxing day outside. The boat took us around the lake, and even stopped near Navy Pier.

When the tour finally ended and it was time to go home, everyone was sad to pack it in. This was by far our funnest workshop to date! That only means we’ll have to work extra hard to plan a cooler one for next month. Thank you so much to everyone who came out and took the day off with us. You can check out all of the Spinner 360 photos we took on the boat here .


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