The Director's LomoKino Showreel: We Are All Tourists

2013-07-14 18

We are travelers and foreigners every time we visit a location new to us. Sometimes it’s scary but it sure is a ton of adventure!

And in that tourist-y trip, a film camera should always be with you. It should be handy to be able to capture all the picturesque views and fun happenings! And since we now have the LomoKino, it won’t hurt to carry it, too! That is why for July’s The Director's LomoKino Showreel, take pride of your tourist LomoKino films for it may just be crowned a winner!

Credits: dreadlockboy

Contest details:

  • One grand prize winner will receive 30 piggies plus an Award while two runner-ups will receive 15 Piggies each.
  • Film/Camera Type: Movies done only with the LomoKino camera. Please be aware of our tourist LomoKino film theme.
  • Submissions must be linked in the comments field below.

Keep those LomoKino films going! Good luck! :)

Enter a new analogue dimension with the LomoKino. Lomography’s own 35mm analogue movie camera allows you to capture action and immortalize your story on film! Shoot 144 frames on any 35mm film and create your own cinematic masterpieces. Want to watch your movie the old-school way? We also offer the LomoKino and LomoKinoscope package!

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  1. sobetion
    sobetion ·

    I was cruised the Mae Klong River. Samutsongkham, Thailand <3…

  2. pbg
    pbg ·

    First time in abandoned pool in the middle of the city -

  3. marjanbuning
  4. gladys
  5. simonesavo
  6. ollyfathers
    ollyfathers ·
    Excuse the title, Everything else was filmed with my Lomokino...

  7. gribouillis
  8. kathepalacio
    kathepalacio ·

    A beach that tells stories…

  9. kathepalacio
  10. zulupt
  11. zulupt
  12. guanatos
    guanatos ·

    we travel to reunite with those we love…

  13. susielomovitz
  14. rain-inker
  15. gribouillis
  16. holgardo
    holgardo ·

    I moved to this city (León, GUanajuato, México) a year ago, so in many ways I´m still a tourist. Here is my family first visit to this playground in León:…

  17. holgardo
    holgardo ·

    My first lomokino walk at the downtown in León, Guanajuato

  18. -dakota-
    -dakota- ·

    the netherland (Zwartewaal, Rotterdam and Amsterdam)

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