Top 5 Kodak Films You Should Load Into Your Camera!


Happy International Kodak Film Photography Day, Lomographers! Pay tribute to the iconic photographic company by shooting a roll of Kodak film on the 159th birthday of its founder, George Eastman. Here are 5 emulsion recommendations for you!

*Kodak T-Max 100 35mm* / *Kodak T-Max 100 120*

If you’re looking for smooth grain and superior sharpness in black & white, T-Max is your best bet!

*Kodak T-Max 400*

For unbelievable sharpness and versatility in monochrome, the 400 ISO version of T-Max should do the job!

*Kodak Portra 160NC*

NC stands for Natural Color and that’s exactly what this emulsion delivers in all its medium format glory. Perfect for portraits and nature photography.

*Kodak Portra 160VC*

VC means—you guessed it—vivid color, and Kodak’s Portra 160 rarely disappoints. A true professional’s choice.

*Kodak Prof BW400CN 35mm* / *Kodak Prof BW 400 120*

This B&W film is processed in regular C-41 chemicals available at most one-hour photo labs so it’s my go-to for creativity, contrast and chromogenic convenience!

Credits: emilios

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