159 Most Popular Kodak Photos from the Community

2013-07-12 3

To commemorate the 159th birthday of the American inventor and photography pioneer George Eastman today, we invite you to flip through 159 of the most popular Kodak photos — taken using either Kodak cameras or films — by our fellow lomographers!

The film-shooting and Kodak-loving folks over at Flickr thought of an interesting way to celebrate what would have been Kodak founder George Eastman's 159th birthday today: they created an event and Flickr group called International Kodak Film Photography Day, inviting people to shoot using their Kodak cameras and films.

Meanwhile, to celebrate George Eastman’s birthday in our own little way, we thought of showcasing some of the most popular photos by our fellow lomographers that were taken using either a Kodak film or camera — 159 of them! Now, ladies and gents, gather around and get ready to start clicking away at the selection below!

Credits: ohlordy, grad, growmanfrenchy, yokekei, emkei, adi_totp, dabai, zorki, deprofundis, poepel, cryboy, mateja, lokified, franan, trw, mingkie, aldaer, aexel, adventuresinanalog, alexyz, jerryka, riotxriot, veracka, pearlgirl77, imbaaa, hervinsyah, gendis, spidey27, walasiteodito, simonesavo, pulex, daitita, guitarleo, minna1608, juniardigiugno, jw77 & achmad-magabutz

Happy 159th birthday, George Eastman!

Do you have some impressive photos taken using a Kodak film or camera that you would like to share to our fellow lomographers? Go ahead and leave a comment below with the links!

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  1. emkei
    emkei ·

    i have 33 photos in this collection! heh! :D
    thank you very much!!! ^_^

  2. stouf
    stouf ·

    hey what about (www.lomography.com/homes/stouf/popular/photos/202739) ?

  3. mayeemayee
    mayeemayee ·

    @stouf It's the top 159 Lomographs tagged "kodak" within the last 30 days, not over-all :)

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