Vintage Camera Ads VIII: The Classic Kodak Ads that Made Photography Famous


Today, the photography world (especially the analogue-loving side) commemorates what would have been photography pioneer George Eastman’s 159th birthday. So, for this featured selection of vintage camera ads, let’s take a look at the most gorgeous ones done by the iconic imaging company, Kodak!

From the very first installment of Vintage Camera Ads, we’ve been looking back at some of the most beautiful and compelling works of art ever made for selling cameras. Yes, we’d like to believe that these were not mere advertisements, but also artworks in their own right. You can’t deny that they were (and still are) certainly eye-catching, and camera makers most likely had little problems selling their analogue wares on magazine pages and other printed materials.

Now, the most beautiful of these vintage advertisements have to be, hands down, the ones made by Kodak. Through these ads, as Business Insider also observed, Kodak sold not only films, cameras, and other photographic equipment; they sold a way of life. Aside from the eye-catching visuals, the company also came up with some of the best-known slogans — from the assuring “You push the button – we do the rest,” to the confident “If it isn’t an Eastman, it isn’t a Kodak,” to the more carefree “Kodak as you go.”

George Eastman and Thomas Edison during the early 1900s. Photo via

George Eastman, the iconic photography pioneer and brilliant mind behind the equally iconic imaging company Kodak, would have been 159 years old if he were alive today. To commemorate his legacy, let’s take a look back at some more of Kodak’s beautiful vintage camera ads that made photography popular:

Images for the vintage camera advertisements were sourced via Vintage Ad Browser, Duke University Libraries, and The Pie Shops Collection on Flickr.

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