Lomography Guide to Prague: Coffee Seduction

2013-07-15 6

Prague has many coffee shops and big brands cafeterias, but the best ones are those owned by people who are passionate about coffee and their job. This little place, called Miguel Caffe, is a must go and must taste when you are in a need of coffee and in Prague.

Credits: erikagrendel

Here, you can smell that seductive coffee aroma all around. Doors are usually open, welcoming everyone passing the street.

Miguel Caffe is small — just two little tables with chairs and then a longer table for those who do not mind standing while enjoying their special coffee.

However, the selection of coffee brands is amazing for such a tiny place. You can choose from a selection of different Kenyan, Columbian, Brazilian and Bolivian coffee beans which will be freshly milled and brewed in front of you.

You decide the type of coffee you want — you are advised to smell from the bottles full of coffee beans first to determine which you like the most. If you could not decide, they will advise you which taste is the strongest, which goes well with milk or which one is sweet and tender. Don’t be afraid to start conversation, they speak English (important in such small places in Prague) and they are happy to talk about everything (but mostly connected to coffee).

The street and its cafeteria. Photos by erikagrendel

You might wait a bit longer for your cup of coffee, but believe me, you won’t be disappointed. You can choose to either enjoy your coffee inside, or take it out to watch life on this little Petrska square in Prague’s old town. If you are in a hurry, you can have your coffee as take away or even return back and have it freshly brewed and packed for you, so that you can enjoy it at home.

Lomo on!

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    I love this series! I've always wanted to go to Prague and your series makes me want to go soon!!

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    @kibs thank you <3 then let me know when you will be sure about your visit :) I will be the best guide!

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    thank you my dear friends and stay tuned for the next article on monday! :)
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    I'm bummed I missed this! Anyway, great article and let's go to Miguel Caffe!!

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    @grazie we will definitely go there when you come :)

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