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The Supersampler is the quintessential summer camera if there ever was one. From immortalizing your ultimate Frisbee games to taking awesome minimovies of your dog, the Supersampler captures the action as it happens, when it happens. Here’s what the community members have to say about this amazing camera!

Credits: lomofrue

SuperSampler vs. ActionSampler: A Battle of Multilens Cameras by lomofrue

“I love SuperSampler. It was my first lomography camera and it is the camera me and my friends enjoy the most. I have it with me on every trip I go and I probably have jumping photos from practically every place I have ever been.”

Credits: stratski

SuperSampler: A Sunny Companion by stratski

“Though its low price and toy-like appearance make this a really accessible camera, it does take a bit of practice and a few pointers to actually get great results. Often, my pictures are merely meh, but when they are good, they are REALLY good.”

Credits: le_ors

Supersampler: The Best Thing About Having Four Eyes by le_ors

“This is the very first camera I used when I got into Lomography. It was love at first sight, quadrupled! I have taken advantage of this camera for nearly five years.”

Credits: lomofrue

Review: Supersampler - A Camera That Makes People Jump by lomofrue

“I still remember the day I got it. I remember the whole day and I remember the exact moment when I got it my hands. It was an awesome moment, and I knew in that exact second that this camera will be my best friend. It was my first analogue camera and my first Lomography camera, I chose it after a long consideration. It was all the fun and excitement on the photos that probably drawn me to it. I’m on my second Supersampler now (the first one was lost last year in Letna Park in Prague, it was a green Supersampler Dalek edition if someone actually found it) and I’ll never let it go.”

Credits: biscotita

Now that Sunny Weather has Arrived, Don't Forget the SuperSampler! by biscotita

“Its pictures could be considered a short movie in a photo. Its four panoramic lenses are tailored for sunny days and moving subjects, that’s why it’s the perfect camera to take on an outdoors trip with your friends.”

The SuperSampler, the queen of multilensed cameras, is now in bright blue. It takes four sequential panoramic shots on a single, action-packed 35mm photo. See all SuperSampler colours and designs in our Shop!

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    Haha two of my articles, i guess i really love my supersampler

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