Fun Under the Sun: Sunshine, Queues and Cows – Lomography at a British County Show


With the sun actually shining for a change I headed for a day out with my wife to take in the North Somerset County show and was treated with lots of lomo opportunities, ice cream, a dog show…and we got to stroke some cows!

Credits: shack_81

County shows are as British as Fish and Chips and the Royal Family. On the rare occasions that the sun is shining, people flock to them to get a slice of countryside, or, if you’re like me, to have a look at the animals.

It wouldn’t be Britain without a queue so we started our day waiting to get in! I got a quick snap of the queue with my Minolta Dynax 5, a camera I’ve had for years but never used enough. It doesn’t look much of a line now but it felt longer at the time!

Credits: shack_81

As soon as we were in the gate we were straight into a dog agility show…it was all a bit quick for the Kodak Ektar I was using but the gun dog display was a bit easier to capture.

Credits: shack_81

Llamas and Alpacas are a common sight on farms around the UK now and they make for some pretty funny subjects – as I snapped away around them they continually made slightly worried noises. I’m sure they would have been fine if they’d known they were going to end up on Lomography!

Cows and sheep were next on the animal menu. Proud owners were lining up to have their prize specimens judged to see which was best of breed. It’s great to get up close to some of these cows and their inquisitive nature makes them great for photos.

Credits: shack_81

After spending most of the morning using my Minolta I decided to switch camera to a Fisheye 1 for a bit. Following a refreshing ice cream break we made our way around the rest of the site taking in large food tents, vehicle displays and tractor pulling – kind of like a countryside version of drag racing!

Credits: shack_81

As the afternoon drew to a close people started to stream away from the site, we followed suit and headed for the car. It had been a great start to our summer and it was lovely to feel the warmth of the sun on our backs after a long cold winter here. If you’re ever in Britain in the middle of summer look out for county shows – they’re a great opportunity to add something a little rural to your lomographs.

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