Fisheye Cool - An Underwater and Ringflash Gallery


A Fisheye photo is awesome on its own – 170-degree perspective, barrel distortion, crisp details, and knockout colors. But how do you make your shots more awesome? Consider getting a Ringflash or a Fisheye Submarine Case. Find out why and let the galleries convince you into getting these cool Fisheye Accessories!

Fisheye Underwater Photos

The sturdy Fisheye Submarine Case takes your Fisheye camera up to 20m (65 ft) underwater.

Credits: susielomovitz, japsix, martuka, xbalboax, ripsta, katya, thegroundabove, hstevens1, peropero, eva_eva, lee07, vicuna, fafascinado & wemmser

Fisheye & Ringflash Photos

The Ringflash makes a perfect match for the Fisheye. It surrounds your lens with a burst of perfectly even light, resulting in glowing portraits or crazy-colored snapshots.

Credits: stijn_b, dfunkdamager, life_on_mars, amybreaksloose, lostlittlekid, mariemichi, theprime, pomps, peropero, weechonghooi, bebopbebop, dylanl, amyface & decuz

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