Throwback Thursday: Vintage Minox IIIs Ads


Back in the day, Minox was mainly known for its line of subminiature (aka spy) cameras. One of their smallest cameras, the Minox IIIs was introduced in 1954.

Two ads for the Minox mini-camera from 1955, courtesy of Road & Track and Motor Life. I highly doubt this took good enough pictures to be worth $139.50 in fifties dollars, but this was the “spy camera" we always saw in movies/TV/comic books so you know a bunch of people had to have it. — Heck Yeah, Old Tech!

Image via Heck Yeah, Old Tech!

The film format for Minox subminiature cameras is 8 × 11mm, less than one-fourth the size compared to 35mm film. Due to their light weight, compact size and close-focusing ability, these cameras have been pegged as a perfect tool for surveillance and intel gathering such as taking photographs of documents.


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