Repurpose an Old Door for a Photo Frame!

2013-07-11 2

In the unlikely event that you have an old door lying around the house, here’s a neat project you can do to frame your favorite photos!

Photo from photogmommie

Is your pad looking a bit bland? If there’s an empty space in your living room that sorely needs redecoration, then this DIY project is more than perfect!


  • A door with glass windows
  • Photos
  • Masking tape
  • 4 heavy duty screws
  • A level
  • And a buddy to help you out!


1. Most important part: find an unused door. The older looking, the better!

Photo from photogmommie

2. Decide which side of the door would be right side up. After that, turn it around and layout the photos you’ll be using.
3. Measure the door frames. Likely than not, the photos wouldn’t be perfectly sized for it. Just trim it a bit until it fits perfectly.
4. Tape the photos.

Photo from photogmommie

5. Call your friend to help you out in screwing it to your wall. Make sure you use the level so that everything is straight and not crooked!
6. You can also add hooks so that you can hang your keys, hats, and whatnot!

Photo from photogmommie

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  1. laurenpeppiatt
    laurenpeppiatt ·

    great idea, very chic

  2. jakemasa
    jakemasa ·

    Just got an old door from the flea market
    I cant wait to do this

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