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Do you remember the compact and super fun Polaroid camera that produced those tiny instant pull-out photos you just couldn’t wait to hang in your locker, on your computer screen, mirrors, and basically just everywhere? Well, even if you don’t, we’re diving back into the 90s, remembering this quirky little analogue gadget in today’s Lomopedia.

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The Polaroid i-Zone first came out in 1999 when the world’s obsession with everything starting with “i-” had not yet seen the light of day. The i-Zone was an instant camera manufactured by the Polaroid Corporation that took 36 × 24mm format pictures. The integral film (also called ‘Pocket’) had to be pulled out from the camera as it contained no battery, which gives the power to the camera’s exposure meter and therefore ejects the pictures with every shutter release. Two camera bodies were manufactured. Both had the same shape, however the later version also had interchangeable faceplates.

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The film strip itself had colorful designs, allowing it to be cut and formatted the way you wanted. A special sticky film was available, making instant photographic stickers. The i-Zone was mainly targeted at children and teenagers with its low-cost, compact shape and functionality. Britney Spears was a big catch as she had advertised the product, taking selfies of her perfectly white teeth, belly button and silly facial expressions.

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The camera had a fixed focus and fixed shutter speed with three selectable apertures for indoors, outdoors on a sunny day or outdoors with a chance of clouds. It was mainly designed for portraiture as the fixed focal distance covered a range of approximately 60 to 240 cm. The cameras and film were discontinued around 2006.

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Tech Specs:
• Automatic Flash
• Automatic focus
• 3 Aperture modes
• Flash-ready light
• Focus range: 2 – infinity
• Auto Flash range: 2-8 ft.
• Auto Flash charge time approx. 5 seconds
• Film format: Polaroid izone 200 instant film; 36 × 24mm image, ISO 640, 12 images per pack. Also available in a sticky-back version.
• Powered by 2 AA batteries

All information for this article were sourced from Wikipedia and Instructables.

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  1. dermanu
    dermanu ·

    too bad they discontinued it

  2. neanderthalis
    neanderthalis ·

    I bought one of those for my wife for her birthday when the first came out. I do not remember what happened to it. I remember the film didn't stay around all that long.

  3. chaostition
    chaostition ·

    This was one of my first cameras. I think they had a silver kind and that was the one I had. I remember that my best friend had one too, and we'd bring them with us everywhere. I don't know what happened to mine, or any of the pictures I took with it.

  4. crowdizzle
    crowdizzle ·

    FLASH BACK! This was aound the time i started getting really serious about taking photos. i made my very first MX with this camera. i wish that it would be sold again. would love to get my dauguter one for her 5th birthday. great article!

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