Fun Under the Sun: Doggy Day Out


Although summer is not upon those (including myself) in the southern hemisphere, I’m still going to share one of my favourite activities during the summer — taking the dog out for a nice day in the sun.

Currently in the middle of a chilly cold winter in New Zealand, all I do is reminisce about spending the day in the park with my partner and his dog, Cyrus. With the warm sun shining, bright blue sky and on occasion, a nice light breeze, we love spending the day playing on the solid green field (rather than a muddy mess that it is now).

Beautiful Day

Taking your dogs out for exercise and play is very important. We both have a busy schedule during the week, so we try our best to make the most of the weekend and spend at least half of the day relaxing and playing in the sun.

Doggy Day Out

The first time we took him to the Botanical Gardens (photos above), he was overwhelmed by the size of the field. He spent the day sniffing the ground and running like a maniac while my partner chased him around. Whenever he needed a rest, he would come sit under my shadow, sit and rehydrate while I spend my time reading, taking photos and getting a safe dose of vitamin D.

This is one of my favourite ways to spend a summer’s day. What’s yours?

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