20 Surreal Lomo LC-A+ Splitzer Images

2013-07-24 3

Ever fantasized about “calling the shots?” Well, it’s possible with the Splitzer – the lightweight plastic accessory that allows you to slice your Lomo LC-A+ images into halves and quarters just by twisting the blades. The results will amuse and surprise you – take a look at our favorites after the jump!

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The Lomo LC-A+ Splitzer easily attaches to your Lomo LC-A+ for some slicing-and-dicing action. It works with the LC-A+’s MX switch so that you can create strangely beautiful images in just a few blade twists. It’s super-fun and yields bizarre results – you have to try it!

The Lomo LC-A+ Splitzer lets you dictate exactly what appears on your photo – and exactly where it appears – by allowing you to slice and dice into halves and quarters. Just slip it onto the top of your LC-A+ lens and twist the blades with your fingers. Re-combine them and create something entirely new!

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  1. emilios
    emilios ·

    Thank you.

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    japsix ·

    awesome shots!

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    jezzyjung ·

    what a great album!!!

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