Lomography Fisheye Baby 110: The Forever Baby


This camera is the baby of the Fisheye and it’s the baby that never grows up!

Credits: syerowoo

I got this camera, along with the Diana Baby 110 from the super sale ongoing last month in stores! When I first saw this camera, I was really intrigued by the way it functioned. How small it was, how the 110 film could fit, and how it actually functioned with the bulb and normal functions! I had many questions about this camera, and the only way for me to know how to use this is simply just to experience it first-hand.

I brought my camera out on a few occasions, from day to night and indoor to outdoor.

Credits: syerowoo

This set of photos were shot at night, with the use of the *Fritz the Blitz adapter kit* ,along side with my Fritz the Blitz flash from the La Sardina! In the dark out on the streets, I was not sure how the photos would turn out, especially since it was the first time I used this baby. In this stream of photos, it was over exposed as I had set the flash to the ‘furthest’ setting and had overpowered the film.

Credits: syerowoo

I also visited Toys’R’Us with a couple of friends, and I had my baby with me! These photos were taken indoors, also with the use of an external flash.

Credits: syerowoo

Here, we were on our way to a local flea market and took advantage of the bright sun in the open, knowing that film loooooves sunlight.

In conclusion, this camera is truly a versatile camera, and its so easy to carry it around especially when the sun is out and shining! I would definitely be bringing this camera around where ever I go and capturing memorable memories.

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