Create a Rocking Photo Display!


Yes, it is a horrible pun but can you blame me? Here’s how you can DIY a simple way to showcase your best photos!

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This tipster is a nice, minimalist way of displaying your photos. You can put them anywhere – from the privacy of your own room, to a complementary table piece in a wedding!


  • A rock
  • Craft wire – make sure it’s sturdy!
  • Wire cutters / pliers
  • Your photos!


  • Go to the beach, sunbathe a bit. Before you go home, find a couple of rocks that you fancy.
  • Clean them up and dry them.
  • Wrap the wire around the rock and cut it when you’re at your desired length.
  • Using the wire cutter or pliers, shape the wire so that you can clip the photo. Make sure to tuck away the sharp edges of the wire.

written by cruzron on 2013-07-09 #gear #tutorials #diy #frame #rock #tipster

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