Diana Mini Film Reminder

2013-07-12 2

Sometimes, when I’m shooting only occasionally with my Diana Mini, I forget what film is in. I came up with solution to my problem!

What you’ll need:

  • Scissors
  • Black tape
  • Ruler
  • Film box to be used as label
  • Diana Mini, of course!

First, I measured the size of the lid on the film box. It was 40 × 40mm.

Then I cut six strips of tape. Three of them 42mm long and three 46mm long.

Next I took the smaller ones and folded them in half.

Then I just taped the holder together. In second picture you have to cut tape strip in half so you don’t cover your viewfinder with it.

And it’s ready! Just slip that little piece of cardboard to the reminder and you won’t forget what film you’ve got inside the Diana Mini!

The Diana Mini is the ultra-compact, petite version of the Diana F+. This camera takes soft-focused, lo-fi images in 35mm and allows you to change between half-format and square shots with a flick of a switch. Get your own Diana Mini now!

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  1. saisai
    saisai ·

    I m looking for the same solution for the Diana f...

  2. ctno3
    ctno3 ·

    I have done this for years on my cameras most oldschool cameras had a slot to put a card from the film pacing in to so you would know but now i just tape it to the back of the camera

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