Beautiful Long Exposure Shots Taken Using the Lomo LC-Wide

2013-07-08 5

Fancy shooting at dusk or at night with your Lomo LC-Wide, but not quite sure how to get good photos in low-light conditions? The answer lies in that tricky yet nifty technique called long exposure! Take a look at some examples done by some of our fellow lomographers who successfully snapped some impressive long exposures with their wide-eyed analogue companion!

As you may have seen some weeks ago, the amazing Lomo LC-Wide is a worthy analogue companion that takes beautiful photos even in low light conditions — such that many of our fellow lomographers have used the compact shooter to take photos of their glittering cities at night.

Long exposure, a technique in which a shot is exposed using long-duration shutter speeds, makes it possible to obtain bright and sharp photos in low-light conditions. The LC-Wide’s automatic exposure system sets slower shutter speeds based on the ISO setting, but with a simple bulb mode trick, you can make the LC-Wide’s shutter stay open for as long as you want!

In the selection below, marvel at long exposures of cities at night, dimly-lit indoor spaces, star trails, and even glorious northern lights and more, all photographed with the Lomo LC-Wide!

Credits: cyanwater, lcyao, kylesherman, kamiraze, shoujoai, mapix, grindhousegirl, poepel, bravopires, ymmij, 1511, emilios, zipper, superlighter, neanderthalis, bomboniera, lucretia & bravebird

Do you have an impressive long exposure shot taken using the Lomo LC-Wide that you thing should be added in our list? Share them with us with a comment below!

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  2. plasticpopsicle
    plasticpopsicle ·

    Really beautiful LC-Wide long exposures, @cyanwater, @lcyao, @kylesherman, @whynotwinnipeg, @kamiraze, @shoujoai, @mapix, @grindhousegirl, @poepel, @bravopires, @ymmij, @1511, @emilios, @zipper, @superlighter, @neanderthalis, @bomboniera, @lucretia, and @upic! Thank you for sharing them with the community! :)

  3. emilios
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    Thank you!

  4. whynotwinnipeg
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    thank you:)

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    thanks for including!

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