Summer Hot Spots: Redang Island


Almost everybody can’y ever get enough of beaches, especially during summer. Recently, I had the opportunity to visit Pulau Redang (Redang Island), one of the most beautiful island off the east coast of Malaysia.

It all started with the wild idea of hanging out on the beach during a hot summer day like this. Not that we ever run out of summer here in Malaysia, but it is always fun to hang out on the beach, right?

Pulau Redang is the perfect spot because of the nature of the place. It is dubbed one of the most beautiful islands and once was the film location for Summer Holiday, the famous Hong Kong movie starring Sammi Cheng and Richie Ren. It is also famous for its corals and its snorkeling activity.

On how to get to Pulau Redang: one would need to be at the Syahbandar Jetty early in the morning at Kuala Terengganu to board the ferry to Pulau Redang. From Kuala Lumpur City Centre, you can opt to take the overnight bus ride which will take 7 hours, or you may also board a flight straight into the island. It will take an hour and half to reach the island from the jetty. Always pre-book the package readily offered by the resorts in the island. The best time to visit Pulau Redang (which is also the peak season) would be from end March to end of June.

The trip consisted of just me and another friend. The entire trip was meant for us to relax and unwind while we get some tan on the beach. Once we got off the ferry, we cannot help but marvel at the beauty of Redang Island — the seawater is pristine clear and the weather was beautifully sunny!

We spent our time snorkeling but most of our time we spent lazing on the lounger of the beach reading while sun-tanning. At times, we just dozed off to the sound of the crashing waves.

And being the typical lomographer, I took a picture of my feet!
Lying on the hammock while slowly drifting in and out is always a blissful moment on the beach.

And you know what is the best part of a sunny weather? I was able to use the slide film I brought along, which is the Fuji Provia ISO 100 and it proves to be the perfect combination with my La Sardina!

Looking back, it was a great place for a summer hot spot. Till we meet again, Redang Island!

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