Indoor Photography: Flash It Or Bulb It!

2013-07-13 2

Indoor photography is something that we constantly do and yet it seems tricky. There are so many objects to Lomograph indoors, but not enough light can be problematic. To take a perfect indoor Lomograph, you have 2 options: flash it or bulb it!

Taking indoor Lomographs with some cameras sometimes becomes a problem to us since some have limited aperture settings. If you can’t find high ISO films, the only options you have are either to use flash, or use the bulb setting in your camera. The easiest one is to use flash.

Photos by abecd

Photos above were taken with flash. When you use flash, you automatically get the perfect light source to take a photo, especially if you got Fritz The Blitz flash like mine. It has a distance settings to measure the amount of light you need. However, it is not 100% perfect. When you use flash, the result sometimes disappointing. Sometimes the photo come out as overexposed, or blackened background.

The next option is to use bulb.

Photos by abecd

When using bulb, you can get a good result. But the thing is, to make a perfect bulb photograph is not really easy. You must predict the time of exposure and make sure that the camera is really steady. But if you have mastered those two things, the result will be perfect.

So which one do you prefer? Flash it, or Bulb it?

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