Discount Art Supplies Anyone?

art stores can be like heaven for many of us, especially when you know you’re getting a good deal…

Taking pictures in store is really interesting; you feel like an idiot walking around and stopping randomly just to take a picture and try to not let anyone know. You feel like someone is going to think you’re a spy of some sort. At least that was how I felt when i went to Jerry’s Artarama, an art supply store in a nearby town.

This place has basically anything you could ever want from an art supplies store. Mostly they have things that you really didn’t even know existed but by the time you leave you either have a bunch of new things you’ve never used before or you got distracted by one of the other many things they have tightly packed in the aisles, such as the whole long aisle of all kinds of paint, or that section where they have all these different supplies for screen printing (something I really want to do).I clearly had trouble having any idea whether or not I was actually getting good pictures, but maybe I’ll go back someday and take some more pictures. I actually did not buy anything this time but you can save a lot of money going here.

written by plesaleza on 2010-05-20 #places #art #location #lc-a-race #stage-9 #art-supplies

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