St. Archangel Michael Church in Marijampolė


In my city, Marijampolė, catholic people have two places to visit on Sundays. One of them is St. Archangel Michael Church and another St. Vincent Saint Paul Church. Both of them have a great history and interesting facts, but for now lets have a closer look at the St. Archangel Michael Church.

In 1750 Whenn my city was used to call Starapolė came the first monk: Marijonas Czech Wojciech Adalbert Strachan. He designated parcel of land and has started construction of a wooden monastery and church. In 1809 church was damaged by fire and in 1818 destroyed by the storm. Immediately after that disaster, a new brick church building was started , which in 1824 September 5 was named as St. Archangel Michael’s.

Nineteenth and twentieth century was the period of monastery, as well as other Catholic monasteries and the whole Church, degradation. After 1831 and especially the 1863 uprisings part of monks were exiled to Siberia, some emigrated. In 1911 died the last monk. A real miracle that this church have survived both world wars and after 1914 reconstruction have same look till nowadays. The Church has a Neo-baroque style, is a Latin cross plan, the two towers, with the apse. Inside the three-nave, vaulted, there are six altars. Churchyard is surrounded by a brick wall. So if you ever gone be in my town and want to say something to the God, this place is the best place to do that.

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