Stop Motion Sunday: Gumby

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Many of us who were kids back in the 1960s up to the early 1990s most likely have enjoyed watching the classic TV series Gumby, which is one of the most successful examples of stop motion clay animation. Let’s step back in time and be kids once more in this installment of Stop Motion Sunday!

If you were a kid during the 1960s up to the early 1990’s, Gumby must have been one of your favorite TV shows, looking forward to the next adventure of the iconic clay character in green and his friends. Created and modeled by Arthur “Art” Clokey, Gumby became one of the best-known examples of stop motion animation using clay models and props, and has been a pop culture icon since the original series was aired in November 1955 until December 1989.

Gumby’s design was inspired by the suggestion of Clokey’s wife to model the character after the Gingerbread man. He was made green because it was Clokey’s favorite color. Gumby’s legs were made wide to make sure that he would stand up while filming in stop motion. The iconic slanted shape of his head, meanwhile, was based on the hairstyle of Clokey’s father that he had seen in an old photograph.

Ready to feel like a kid again? Here’s a remastered clip of the Gumby intro from 1967:

All information for this article were sourced from Gumby on Wikipedia.

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  1. diomaxwelle
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    My favorite short is Robot Rumpus, but perhaps that's due to the fact it was on the tv show Mystery Science Theater 3000. XD

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