Taking Back Tipsters: Film Destroying Tips

2013-07-05 2

It may sound strange, but yes, there are proper ways to soup, bleach, acidify and marinade your film. In this edition of Taking Back Tipsters, six community members share their experiments and experiences destroying film and illustrate how you can do it, too!

*Initiation to Film Destroying* by lomographer-88

Film destroying is the best thing to do to reproduce the effects of the X-pro, but actually, I think it’s way more fun to try this technique because you really can’t know how it’s going to turn out!

*Let's 'Cook' the Film: The Recipe of Film Soup!* by hodachrome

The idea of film soup, is to allow the film to have chemical interaction with the ‘soup’, and produce the unexpectedly extraordinary effect for your Lomographs. Since the first film soup ever been ‘served’, every Lomographer has eagerly recorded down their own recipe and review. In this article, I would like to share my experience with my own secret recipe!

*Quench Your Analogue Thirst with Pink Lemonade Film!* by denisesanjose

Pink Lemonade is a special kind of film you can’t get in stores. In fact, the only place you’ll find it is in your own kitchen, or friendly neighborhood lemonade stand! See how I souped my film in this citrus juice and got refreshing results!

*Destroy your Film with a Dash of Whiskey* by jazz_cafe

Being new to Lomography, one of the things that really interested me was film destroying. A splash of whiskey and a roll of film later and I have some quite funky photos…

*Mad Films - Playing with Lemons, Vinegar, Soap, and Fujicolour* by pam__

Have you ever taken a glass of water and mixed in everything you had under your sight? Well, what if you put in your film as well?

*Destroying Film to Play with Color* by crevans27

I have recently completed my first film destroy mission and have been amazed at the beautiful warped colours it has produced! The best way to play with colours is to use the unexpected. So why not add a bit of excitement to your pictures and take a risk? Read on to find our more about my film destroyer which produced psychedelic results!

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