6 Music Festival Film Photography Tips


I’ve been taking my film camera to music festivals for years now. When it comes to festivals, I don’t take it too serious with photography, after all, festivals are for fun. I’m sharing some tipsters with you, on how to have a great experience at a music festival with the camera at your bow.

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1. Don’t take your best camera with you

If you want to enjoy a music festival, don’t bring your most expensive camera with you. After all you don’t want to worry about it all the time and cry all night in sorrow. So, take a cheap camera – and it’s not too bad if it breaks or gets lost.

Credits: jutei

2. Go for light and small

Lomography cameras are great for festivals, because they are very light. You will carry your camera all day with you – so take the lightest one. Plastic ones are always good.

Credits: jutei

3. Choose one that’s easy to use

Take a camera with you, that you are already familiar with. Especially at festivals it is easy to miss a good shot, because you’re still busy with the right setting of the camera. And after a few beers, even the simplest camera can be complicated :)

Credits: jutei

4. Pack a few films

I always bring one or two rolls of film per day to a festival – one for daytime (ISO100 or 200 depends on the weather and the camera) and one for nightshots (ISO 400 oder 800). Two rolls per day are enough for me – I rarely shoot them both fully. Calculate beforehand how many rolls you will need, since you won’t be able to buy film supply at the festival area.

Credits: jutei

*5. Be fast*

There are lots of people and the chances for good pictures come and pass very fast. Be always ready to shoot. Set up your camera for the next picture after each shot

Credits: jutei

6. But don’t stress

Festivals are for fun. Don’t care too much about your picutres. Have fun … you can still worry about the results afterwards.

Credits: jutei

That’s it so far… This should be enough to spend a good time at a festival. Here are the cameras, that I already took to a festival: Holga 135BC, Olympus Trip 35, Smena Symbol und Canon AF35M II. This year I will take the Diana Mini and Colorsplash Flash.

The Diana Mini is the ultra-compact and smaller version of the Diana F+. The camera produces lo-fi pictures in 35mm format and offers you the opportunity to choose between halframe and square format. Get your own Diana Mini now!

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  1. niko_fuzzy
    niko_fuzzy ·

    I got question. For night shots at festivals or concerts, i'm using old LC-A with 400 asa max, do i use film iso 800 or iso 1600?

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