Majestic Monochromes Taken Using the Lomo LC-Wide


While favored for the beautifully saturated and vibrantly colored lomographs it takes when loaded with slide films, the Lomo LC-Wide also makes a great choice for those who want to shoot in black and white. Take a look at some majestic monochromes taken by our fellow lomographers both indoors and outdoors using the wide-eyed analogue wonder!

Many of us lomographers prefer shooting slide films with the Lomo LC-Wide to get those gorgeously vibrant cross-processed photos, but remember, the classy wide-angled beauty also takes impressive black and white photos! The LC-Wide’s 17mm ultra-wide angle lens, coupled with the focusing ease and automatic exposure of the Lomo LC-A+, makes it a great choice for going monochrome whether indoors or outdoors.

Shooting black and white film may be a little bit more challenging with the absence of the bright hues we lomographers are accustomed to. But, if you’d like to try something new and put your composition skills to the test, why not load your Lomo LC-Wide with either a 100 ISO black and white film and head outdoors, or 400 ISO to photograph your indoor havens in monochrome!

Take a look at the selection of majestic monochromes taken by our fellow lomographers using their Lomo LC-Wide to get your daily dose of inspiration:

Credits: scorpie, mapix, wil6ka, b0rn2b1ush, blueskyandhardrock, vicuna, nicolasesc, syafiqmddaud, stephen73, auratus, scrabbyknees & happiness_hit_her

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