Camera-less Photographs by Gordon Douglas Ball

2013-07-05 2

New York-based photographer Gordon Douglas Ball has made abstract photographs without a camera. How is this possible you ask? Find out after the jump!

Photo by Gordon Douglas Ball

Some people just make it look easy. While we’re out here trying our best to create and take amazing photos, artists such as Gordon Douglas Ball goes against the grain and does this series of abstract art. Regarding this line of work, he explains that “Instead of me following photography, I wanted to have photography follow me. Completely strip it down and build it up to make it my own.”

He does exactly that and creates these images by exposing 35mm and 120 film to different light sources, saying he wanted to “make” photographs rather than “take” them. From colored LED lights, to the kitchen stove, to even adding in his wife’s hair, this project is indeed something exciting and out of the box.

Photos by Gordon Douglas Ball

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  1. lucaro
    lucaro ·

    Thanks for this article!

  2. eugenia
    eugenia ·

    very good! reminded me of August Strindberg

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