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This camera may be compatible with Canon’s EOS EF lenses, which can be a good thing, but it’s still as much analogue fun as most any SLR.

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I was looking into getting a new film camera, my OM-10 just didn’t really feel good enough at the time. I wanted something that would work with at least one or two of my lenses that I already own and that had many different functions.
I probably should have started with pointing out the fact that it’s not the best looking camera, but it can do a lot. Two things that I enjoyed making use of were the multiple exposures (up to 8) option and the ability to do Auto exposure bracketing.
You can’t really get too much of an analogue feel with most SLRs because, for me, you want to get the shot right away like with an LC-A+ but you also want a good exposure but with auto exposure can be easily used but you also have the option of going completely manual.

I shot around 10 rolls of black and white film through this camera, and I honestly cannot complain. I got many great prints from this camera and it’s more modern features (auto exposure and auto focus) really didn’t get in the way. Get one of these or any other in the family and you’ll see you’re giving up any of the fun, it’s still film and the mystery and challenge is still there.

written by plesaleza on 2010-03-08 #gear #review #canon #elan-ii #elan

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  1. rexhibitionist
    rexhibitionist ·

    I love this camera and have loved it for years. SOLID and easy to lug around. I also like shooting the Diana lenses with this. Shooting from the hip with something a bit tougher than a Diana body.

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