Today in History (1978): The Rolling Stones ditch “Some Girls” original cover due to an impending lawsuit


Now why would anyone sue The Rolling Stones because of an album cover?

Released in 1978, Some Girls is one of the The Rolling Stones’ best-selling albums. But aside from hatching yet another round of hits for the already renowned British rock band, this studio album of the ‘Stones was memorable partly due to its controversial original album cover.

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The Some Girls original album cover layout shows the band’s members in purposefully tasteless drag along with several female celebrities—-Marilyn Monroe, Farrah Fawcett, Judy Garland, Racquel Welch, Eartha Kitt, Bridget Bardot, and Elizabeth Taylor. Their faces are superimposed and combined with altered vintage wig ads as part of an intricate die-cut design.

Bardot, Taylor and Kitt didn’t appear to have any problem with having their faces on the cover, but the rest thought otherwise. Fawcett, Ball, Welch, the Monroe estate, and Liza Minelli, on behalf of mother Judy Garland, threatened to take legal action.

To avoid further confrontation, production of the album cover was suspended on this same day in 1978.

The album cover was designed by Hubert Kretzschmar and Grammy-nominated Peter Corriston, whose portfolio includes album artwork for quite a number of musicians. Aside from working on album covers for The Rolling Stones, Corriston’s expertise was also commissioned by the likes of Led Zeppelin, Billy Idol, and Carole King, among others.

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