Summer Skate: Capturing Skate Shadows with a Dusty, Old Leica


With an old school camera to capture a modern scene, we headed to the UK Girl Skate Jam last weekend to witness the vibrant up and coming community that is girls skateboarding. Our Leica camera from decades ago, found in a dusty attic last week, would never have seen such a thing. It’s first glimpse of the light in 40 years captures shadowy skate.

Girls who skate are united by their boards, it’s a friendly supportive community, one that money can’t buy. Skating brings together all sorts of people, all interested in rolling around on 4 wheels and that’s that. Every year, Rogue Skateboards in the UK holds the annual Girl Skate Jam, the biggest all-girl skate competition in the UK and an important date in the diary. As the scene has been growing year on year, so has the event and last weekend was a record turn-out! With not only the usual UK rippers such as Lucy Adams and Stef Nurding, but also competitors who traveled from all over Europe to be there, including Julia Bruckler from Austria.

Girls have been skating since skating was around, but it’s always been a mega minority number. As the skate scene catapulted for guys, it has always remained small and special for girls. But, over the past few years numbers are on the up, with all sorts of girls opting to get on board. Last weekend, whether spectator, participator or intrigued/inspired eyes, they all came together to watch some girls ripping. The mini ramp had been newly laid and was ready for the action.

Our choice of camera capturing for the day was a 1940’s Leica of which hadn’t seen daylight for decades. Packed with a roll of ISO 200 and sounding clickable, we thought it be a worthy day out for it. But without a light meter, we had to use our judgement to guess the settings (uh-oh, tricky). Something that didn’t quite work out but resulted in skate shots a little moody.

The best thing about analogue photography, you never know what you’ll get and mistakes are often your best shots.

We’ll never get tired of it and we’ll never get tired of snapping the beauty of skate.

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