Lomography Guide to Prague: Ice-cream Time and Cake Paradise

2013-07-08 1

Everyone who lives in Prague knows it. Ovocny Svetozor is the place where you can buy the best ice-cream in the city. Do not believe some posters, banners or small billboards telling you something else. Those are tourists-deceivers like all those “sales” in souvenirs shops.

Credits: erikagrendel

You can find Ovocny Svetozor on several places in Prague. It is not really a chain shop, but it’s on many smaller or bigger cafeterias and confectioners around Prague, which you could not find in other Czech towns.

The interior of these places are usually still influenced by 80’s and 90’s, same goes for the prices. So it means that you can enjoy one big scoop of ice-cream for just little more than 50 cents and a fresh cake for less than 2 euros. Their fruity ice-creams really taste like fruits and in combination with 70% chocolate ice-cream, you can find yourself screaming “More ice-cream, I want more ice-cream!” or maybe even in Czech: “Víc zmrzliny, víc, já chci víc!”.

Credits: erikagrendel

And then there are Svetozor’s cakes. It’s another temptation for lomographers with a sweet tooth! Lemon cheesecake, different kinds of chocolate or nut cakes, strawberry or raspberry cakes… Oh, I am getting hungry!

Credits: erikagrendel

These are photos from Ovocny Svetozor at Sokolovska street. It seems so empty, but we went there too early (7:30 AM). We were probably the first customers, but at least we did not have to stand in a long queue.

There are several Svetozor places in the Prague centre. You can find one near Florenc, another one near Namesti Republiky or probably the most visited and overcrowded one near Wenceslas Square on Vodickova Street, which is situated near a beautiful garden – Frantiskanska Zahrada (which I will tell you about some other time). In hot weather, the Svetozor queue for ice-cream or even cakes and milk-shakes might be pretty long, but there is always a sweet reward waiting.

Lomo on!

For addresses to Ovocny Svetozor, check this page.

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