Throwback Thursday: Fourth of July Playboy Magazine Cover


So how does a world-famous men’s magazine celebrate independence in the 70’s? With a staggering magazine cover, of course.

Photo via searcholdmagazines

Remember those turn-of-the century Fourth of July posters and post cards that usually show Lady Liberty draped in a flowing white chiton, surrounded by a bevy of stars and stripes? The July 1976 cover of Playboy Magazine is a reinvention of this concept.

The lady in the photo is 1974 Playmate of the Year Cyndi Wood. She’s got stars and stripes behind her alright—-the American flag as a matter of fact—-but she doesn’t seem to be wearing anything else beneath that sheer white number.

Hugh Hefner certainly knew how to celebrate, even back then. And we haven’t even seen pictures of his Fourth of July party!

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