Throwback Thursday: Useful Troubleshooting Chart for Amateur Photographers

2013-07-04 2

Here’s a rather nice throwback: back in the day, some processing labs include a helpful sheet inside the packet of processed prints explaining what went wrong just in case the photos don’t turn out the way we wanted them to be.

Image via Heck Yeah, Old Tech!

Gold star for the simple explanation.

Film photography is somewhat a gamble. True, our skills get better in time as we get used to predicting and using the correct settings needed to get the desired exposure; but in the beginning, there’s always the feeling that every shot is a gamble that we hope to win.

And this chart happens to be a mighty useful cheat sheet.

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  1. djramsay
    djramsay ·

    The "Poor Quality" descripition is everything we love in lomo lol

  2. geegraphy
    geegraphy ·

    @djramsay Hahaha. Right! Funny how times have changed. :)

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