Postcards from Asia: The Daily Grind in Japan During the Late 19th Century


Japan’s rich and colorful history has been fascinating the world since time immemorial, which is why we all like taking a glimpse at anything that would take us back to Japan of centuries past. Take, for example, the selection of interesting vintage photographs of daily life in Japan during the late 19th century.

Photography may have originated in the Western world but it also flourished wonderfully in the East. The works of Japanese photography pioneers such as Kusakabe Kimbei and Ueno Hikoma can certainly attest to the unique and delicate style that blossomed in what eventually became one of the world’s photography capitals.

If you liked the photos of Asian towns and cities from the 1950s, we’re going to take you back in time even further, to a Japan that you have probably not yet seen before. Take a look at what daily life in Nippon was like during the late 19th century through photos taken by Kusakabe Kimbei:

Photos via Vintage Daily

There’s a lot more over Old Photos Japan of these photos by Kimbei and other Japanese photography pioneers, if you want to look at some more!

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