DIY Montessori Sound Boxes for Your Kids!


Giving your kids educational toys to play with need not be an expensive endeavor. For instance, you can use old film canisters as DIY Montessori Sound Boxes!

Photo from ahandmadechildhood

First of all, what is a Montessori Sound Box? It’s a set of cylinders (usually 6) filled with different things like rice, beans, small stones, sand, et cetera. There will be another set, completely identical to the first one as well. It’s basically a sound matching game which helps develop a child’s auditory and sense and memory.

What you’ll need:

  • At least 12 identical film canisters
  • Small things to put inside to create sound (rice, sand, buttons, small rocks, etc.)
  • Glue/adhesive

Building it:

Photo from ahandmadechildhood
  1. Line up 2 canisters with each corresponding ingredient.
  2. Fill them halfway
  3. Seal them with adhesive so your kid won’t get tempted to open them

That’s it! Randomize the whole lot and help your kids try to figure out which ones match. For more exercises in using a sound box, visit montessoriworld.

Photo from ahandmadechildhood

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