Weaving a DIY Film Basket

If you have a surplus of film negatives that you have no intention of keeping (why???), here’s a nice little DIY project for you – an upcycled woven basket!

Photo from entupunto


  • Ridiculous amounts of film negatives
  • Glue or other adhesives
  • Paperclips


  1. Prepare the film strips. Depending on how large you want the basket to be, attach film strips so they’ll become longer.
  2. Weave the strips together so they create a large cross shape.
  3. Measure the width of one side. Add about 2″ to that measurement then multiply by 4. This is the needed length to create the sides of your basket.
  4. Begin weaving!
  5. Use the paperclips to hold everything together while you’re starting to weave.
  6. When you’re finished and there’s still leftover film, just tuck them inside the basket.
Photo from entupunto

written by cruzron on 2013-07-03 #gear #tutorials #film #diy #basket #tipster #weave

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