Macro-Land: Playing with Light


One of the great advantages of the macro lens is how you can manipulate focus. But that doesn’t mean your target object always has to be in focus!

Much of this edition was inspired by the cover of the Casino vs. Japan & Freescha EP Durusey. Worth checking out.

Perhaps the only thing I miss about decorating for the holidays is the lights. But hanging them up frustrates me like nothing else, so I don’t much bother. A shame, as playing like this would be possible. Instead, I used the two solar LED lights near my front door to make some out-of-focus fun.

The glowing ball shots were all done using this flower light and its companion, a small globe much further down, to the right in this image.

The result is something a bit unique, and it means you can play with light painting, combinations of colours (these LED lights cycle through different hues), and anything else that suits you.

Credits: kevinhodur

But that isn’t all you can do here. I had a lot more fun, actually, playing with the sky at dusk under these same circumstances. Taking away the sharp focus—in fact, running in the exact opposite direction—creates a dreamlike state. So many possibilities like this.


The whole point of what we do is to experiment, right? The versatility of a macro lens under these circumstances, letting you get so ridiculously out of focus, makes for some new opportunities in composition. Give it a shot!

Credits: kevinhodur

Words and photos by Kevin Hodur. Previously calling suburban Chicago and Portland home, Kevin now lives and works as a writer on Upper Michigan’s Keweenaw Peninsula. Catch the final tipster in the Macro-Land series next time with “All the Things You Love.”

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