Twosday Tuesday: Prada Marfa


Do you believe that great minds think alike? Do you think two is better than one? Explore the community for twin Lomographs that will inspire you to see double and find the pair photo that serendipitously resembles yours. This week, we’ve got a shop-slash-sculpture set in the middle of a Texas desert.

Credits: rachelstaggs

Above we have the Prada Marfa boutique-cum-art installation as photographed by Austin native @rachelstaggs with a Holga 120, shot from ground level. Created by European artists Elmgreen and Dragset in Valentine, Texas, the work is a “pop architectural land art project” made to look like a Prada store complete with shoes and purses inside but no door.

Credits: nylonestar

And here is a similar shot of the sculpture by @nylonestar, this time at eye level. Prada Marfa, which cost $80,000 to build, opened for not-business on October 1, 2005. It was broken into days later, with the vandals running away with the “shop” inventory of six bags and 14 right-footed shoes, but was later replaced with a fortified security system.

The point of this juxtaposition is not to pit the two photos against each other and say which one is better, but to see the allure in their likeness. Which one do you prefer?

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