Twosday Tuesday: Palaces In Puddles

2013-07-09 1

Do you believe that great minds think alike? Do you think two is better than one? In this new series, we explore the community for twin Lomographs that will inspire you to see double and find the pair photo that serendipitously resembles yours.

Credits: knipsomat

Above is a black and white photo taken in Erfurt, Germany by @knipsomat. It features a majestic structure partially reflected on a pfütze on the cobblestone street.

Credits: sunshaman

On the other side of the world, this time in Moscow, Russia and shot in color, @sunshaman captured a modern building also reflected on a street puddle.

The point of this juxtaposition is not to pit the two photos against each other and say which one is better, but to see the allure in their likeness. Very interesting composition and angle, don’t you think?

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