Out in the Streets with the Belair X 6-12!


With a beautiful and capable analogue partner such as the Belair X 6-12 cameras in your hands, you wouldn’t want to miss out on photographing stories and scenes happening out there in the streets. Haven’t been out and about your town lately with your Belair camera? Better take a look at some Belair street snaps by our fellow lomographers and be inspired!

Take your camera everywhere you go is just one of the rules we lomographers live by, and we’re more than eager to shoot around our own cities as frequent as we can, with the goal of capturing a slice of life from our side of the world.
Among the lomographers’ camera of choice for taking street snaps is the Belair X 6-12, especially favored by those who want to shoot in medium format.

The Belair cameras, like their distant cousins, the Lomo LC-A+ cameras, have electronic automatic shutter mechanisms that requires correct setting of the film sensitivity for proper exposure. For those to want to take city snaps at night, the Belair’s bulb mode will come in handy!

Need some great city snaps taken using the Belair to inspire you? Take a look at the selection of Belair photos taken by some of our community members below:

Credits: mont0417, walasiteodito, pearlgirl77, kleeblatt, sirio174 & ck_berlin

Did we miss any of your impressive Belair snaps around your city? Share them with us with a comment below!

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