Go Half-Frame Happy with the Lomo LC-Wide!


If you’ve throughly inspected your Lomo LC-Wide, you must have noticed a dial underneath the camera and the lens cover that say “HF,” which stands for half-frame. That’s right, you can double the fun and go half-frame happy with your wide-eyed analogue companion, and get interesting snaps in diptych style like some of our lomographers have. Take a look at their LC-Wide half-frames after the jump!

Everybody loves the Lomo LC-Wide for the crisp and super wide-angled photos it takes, but perhaps many are yet to familiarize themselves with its semi-hidden feature: the half-frame mode!

If you haven’t tried shooting half-frame yet with your Lomo LC-Wide, you can start by locating the dial underneath your camera and the lens cover switch which reads “HF.” Setting both the dial and the lens cover to “HF” enables you to shoot in half frame — which means twice as much photos in a roll, and countless storytelling opportunities through diptychs!

With the Lomo LC-Wide’s half-frame mode, you can make use of the diptych technique to take interesting portraits:

Credits: i_am_four-eyes, rake, dannyedwards & fafascinado

Or, you can tell stories and put similar or different subjects, patterns, and locations next to each other!

Credits: jbeischer, dannyedwards, i_am_four-eyes, trashpilotin, kylesherman, tracyvmoore, grad, fafascinado & erikagrendel

Got some interesting half-frame snaps taken using your Lomo LC-Wide? Share them with us with a comment below!

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