Santuário de Fátima, Portugal


Santuário de Fátima is the most well known Portuguese religious place, located in the center region of the country.

Santuário de Fátima is the most well known religious place in Portugal, country where the Christianism is the main religion. Fátima had become an important religious place in 13 of May 1917 after an Apparition of the Virgin Mary to three children, thing that happened for six times. After that the believers had grown and it had become a pilgrim place. And due to that a Sanctuary had been built. In 2007 the last church opened to the public, become the fourth biggest Christian building in the world.

The city of Fátima is a small place, where most of the things are related with the church. But even if you’re not a religious person it can be a passing point when making a road trip around Portugal.

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  1. jaalvarez
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    Bonita location !!!
    A lot of spanish goes to Fátima !!!
    Parabens pela location ;))

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    Great location, congrats!!!

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    Hey ! This place is beautiful ! I usually find that modern religious buildings look weird... Not this one ! Super gallery !

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    Great location! All hail to Fátima, Football and Fado! :-)

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    love the horizon shots! good job :)

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    Great location !!!
    Parabens !!

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