Monday Moodboard: The Cobrasnake


It can sometimes be a drag to drag yourself back to the office after a wonderful weekend, so let me share with you the moodboard of inspiring imagery that gets me pumped up for the work week! This Monday, I present the party photographer who influenced me to carry my camera everywhere: The Cobrasnake!

Film photos by peachesisagoodgirl, reserveresult and nina_westervelt

Whether he’s up all night partying in Paris, lounging by a pool in sunny Los Angeles, ransacking thrift shops in New York, or hanging out with models and designers in London, Mark Hunter a.k.a. The Cobrasnake possesses the innate skill of shooting the dainty, dirty, delicious, dangerous and/or downright dandy details of life on the edge—possibly while being inebriated.

Photos by The Cobrasnake

Dubbed as the hipster photographer, The Cobrasnake has successfully made a name for himself capturing this counter-culture. Now he gets invited to the hottest clubs and concerts, covers fashion weeks and festivals, and befriends celebrities, creative powerhouses and crazy kids alike. He’s even branched out into fashion with his unique sense of style and obsession for vintage!

Photos by The Cobrasnake

As a person who has experience in photography, partying, and partying while photographing, I can attest that it can be pretty hard to do your thing between downing tequila shots and schmoozing. You sometimes miss capturing certain moments because of the crazy circumstances, but its the environment The Cobrasnake thrives in and I really admire his work. That, or his stamina to party all over the world all the time!

Photos by The Cobrasnake

While he shoots digitally, I’ve picked up some photography tips from him by perusing pages upon pages of pictures on his website and when I met him at a Steve Aoki party in Manila in 2008. Just like the 10 Golden Rules of Lomography, he’s taught me to bring a camera wherever I go. I also became more open to the night’s new experiences and learned to look for God in the details in the most unlikely of places.

Check out The Cobrasnake!

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