Capture The Moment 15.15.15 Winners Announcement

2013-07-01 11

Ready to find out who our winners are for the Capture The Moment 15.15.15 Competition? Take a peek at the winning entries shot in the nick of time right here, right now!

Photo by:cryboy

A couple of weeks ago, we invited everyone to join the second leg of the Capture The Moment competition. We asked our community members around the globe to stop what they were doing at a precise moment in time and snap an analogue photo taken at exactly 15:15:15 CET last May 15th. We got a smorgasbord of entries from all over the world, with different photo subjects in different weather conditions and time zones. It was a tough job, but we eventually were able to select our top picks.

Photo by:retro-girl

“On the way to my horse riding lesson – I had better put the camera down and run – it takes me an hour to walk up to the stables and I don’t want to be late!”

Photo by:bloomchen

“I thought I could quickly go outside and capture a street photography shot but I was stuck on the phone in the office. So after the call I quickly got the cam out of my bag put it on a shelf and made a selfie. Unfortunately I´m so busy at work that i completely forgot to transport the roll after taking the shot so by accident the 15:15:15 turned out to be a double. I shot the 2nd layer on my way home from office.”

Photo by:daguet

“This photo was taken on May 15 at 17:15:15 Dubai time which was 15:15:15 CET time while dropping my son for his horse ridding lesson :) at the Dubai Polo & Equestrian Club”

Photo by:sandravo

“Again, shot the whole roll within 10 minutes trying to make sure not to miss the 15:15:15 moment! On 15th May at exactly 15:15 CET I made this shot of two planes crossing Belgian airspace.”

The rest of the winning entries:

Credits: kikuzumi, callencoss, kleeblatt, deriz & littlekoala

Congratulations to all our winners! As promised, we’ve already given out 5 Piggies to all who submitted their photos to this competition. To our 10 winners, you can expect to receive extra juicy 25 Piggies soon! We thank everyone who participated in this competition. Watch out for our next winner announcement for the 18.18.18 rumble coming soon ;)

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  1. taranoia
  2. cryboy
    cryboy ·

    WOW! Thanks! I'm really really happy! :) And congrats to all the winners, great pics!

  3. sandravo
    sandravo ·

    Awesome! My first win :-) Congrats to all the others!

  4. daguet
    daguet ·

    Fantastic ! great news! my first win ever:) congratulations everyone !

  5. deriz
    deriz ·

    Wow wow wow!!! Thanks too much !!!!! :)

  6. littlekoala
    littlekoala ·

    thanks!!!! :D

  7. retro-girl
    retro-girl ·

    Congrats to my fellow winners @kikuzumi @callencoss @kleeblatt @deriz @littlekoala @sandravo @daguet @bloomchen @cryboy. Great pictures everyone.

  8. callencoss
    callencoss ·

    Thank you Lomography and thank you to everyone who participated… so many great shots. Congratulations to all the other winners @retro-girl @kikuzumi @kleeblatt @deriz @littlekoala @sandravo @daguet @bloomchen @cryboy. I love your pictures.

  9. freshmeat_omd
    freshmeat_omd ·

    go go go go go @cryboy :D

  10. cryboy
    cryboy ·

    @freshmeat_omd ah ah grazie! ;)

  11. alexander_krolikowski
    alexander_krolikowski ·

    Congratulation! All photo is amazing!

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