Please Be Mine: A Valentine's Wishlist Competition


Skipping heartbeats, sweaty palms, sleepless nights … these symptoms tell us that you may be in-love. And we might be able to help!

Photo: monoflow and FTomballe

It’s Valentine’s Day once again. Le sigh. Cynics have gotten more cynical than ever, but you choose to remain hopeful. Lost in a tangle of your Lomographic love dreams, you fantasize about getting your hands onto one of those … those shiny, smooth items that make your forefinger twitch involuntarily. Your heart throbs for that Fisheye 2 Pink. Your palms sweat for that Diana+ 35mm Back. Your craving for the Diana Multi Pinhole Operator has gotten stronger. A stash of slide film keeps you tossing and turning during sleepless nights. Be still, your beating hearts! We might be able to help you satiate that longing …

The Mechanics:

  1. Show us the way to your heart – by submitting a photo as a proof of your undying love for Lomography and analogue photography!
  2. Leave a short testimonial in the comment box, as a tribute to the object of your affection!
  3. Head over to your Wishlist and add at least 5 items that you dearly want to love and hold.
  4. Each day, from February 9th – 12th, we will announce a winner of the “Most Wished For” item. Yes! Yes! Yes! It starts tomorrow so don’t delay one second. From tomorrow and until Friday – one lucky Lomographer who has the most wished for item of the day on their Wishlist will win it!
  5. Also there will be a special offer on that item for the day… you have to watch out for it!

So darlings, please keep tuned in to the blog to get updates on daily winners and the special offer happening on each day.

Have we told you lately that we love you? We want you to win what your analogue heart desires this Valentine’s. As for that cute girl you bumped into the other day or that hot guy you’ve been fancying since kindergarten, well let’s hope Cupid will find a way …

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  1. luobodingr
    luobodingr ·

    First in! ...or did this really end 26 days ago?! The object of my affection looks great in these, but I think they look just fine on the floor.

  2. paramir
    paramir ·

    Second best! My true valentine, the girl of my dreams (I am so lucky), is sharing a home with me, with much happiness. And since last October, a new love came to my life, and quite cunningly and quickly got the second place... Lomography keeps me off my work, meddles with my mind...

  3. tallgrrlrocks
    tallgrrlrocks ·

    Dear Analogue Photography,
    It began with a Fisheye 2 / And I got even more enamored of you /
    Though my eyes are amused by your digital brother /
    My heart will always belong to you...

  4. jaalvarez
    jaalvarez ·

    My little cat ... in 1980 !!! It was 100 % analogue !! When I was a child, Jackie played with me, a lot, with balls, cars, toys ,,, everywere with everything ...

  5. quaisoir
    quaisoir ·

    It started with Barney my purple Holga and my Love for Lomography just continues to grow into an obsession! Later came along Phylis the Fisheye 2, Laetitia the LC-A+, Laziza the Diana Mini and now I desire the pink fisheye 2 as it's just so sexy! Guess what I'll name that baby once I get my hands on one! :P

  6. ethermoon
    ethermoon ·

    Lomography, thank you for being there and for re-opening my life into a new way.
    Till death do us part.

  7. renaishashin
    renaishashin ·

    My analogue heart is always filled with analogue films :DD

  8. charwang
    charwang ·

    a few years, too many rolls of film, and 5 analogue cameras later, i have undying love for lomo and all things film. digital, you'll never have the quality, colors, and the vignettes that film gives me.

  9. nural
    nural ·

    Do you guys have any idea how hard it is for me to keep up with Lomography? I've been to any store that sells those amazing cameras in Turkey and when I'm abroad, I visit the gallery stores that are just so full of Lomo stuff!! And even for a 1 day trip, I found a lomo store in Zurich and begged my husband to get me a Lubitel for my birhtday! So you have to believe me when I say I'm addicted to lomography and I can't live without it, its my only Valentine!!!

  10. elindudut
    elindudut ·

    Started with an Oktomat. First roll was total black. Second roll was all underexposed.The hate turns into love until I bumped into

  11. panelomo
    panelomo ·

    Fuji Natura Classica <--- i always dream of you, day... and night. :)

  12. cinzinc
    cinzinc ·

    Lomography, when I first saw you, I thought you were hot. I decided to take you to my world, and you made it meaningful and full of color. You're not hot, you are beautiful, charming, and understanding. Without you, I know I'd be waking up to a dull day. Don't get sick of my love, i have my heart set for you til my last gasp of air. xoxo

  13. stouf
    stouf ·

    Lomography, I love what you're doing to me.

  14. adi_totp
    adi_totp ·

    mirror mirror on the wall, who is the greatest of all? lomography is the greatest of all
    mirror mirror on the wall, who is the best of all ? analogue photography is the best of all
    mirror mirror on the wall, who is wanted by adi out of all? Lomo Lubitel+ of course,adi

  15. lawypop
    lawypop ·

    Lomo is the key to my analogue heart (haha so cheesy :P)

  16. violet_rayy
    violet_rayy ·

    A little boy named Soloman has stolen my analogue heart.... Ain't he a doll?

  17. boredbone
    boredbone ·

    don't think, just love lomo

  18. selphiebooyaka
    selphiebooyaka ·

    So many things to wish for, desire, and pine over in a lifetime, but lomo is a constant.

  19. photolomo7
    photolomo7 ·

    Lomography is like my cherry to my coke, it's the air for my soul. how could you not be in love with this?

  20. nicksholga
    nicksholga ·

    There's nothing quite like love except lomography. My darling was here for but a few days and what better way to capture our adventures than with a supersampler? Four pictures for the price of one! <3

  21. elfefee
    elfefee ·

    :) ?

  22. wmckin11
    wmckin11 ·

    Lomography and analogue photography is the key to my heard, and its a little camera called the Diana F+. I love it so as it allows me to take photos of my beautiful wife to be! What love.

  23. frommert
    frommert ·

    Me and my lovely wife

  24. spoeker
    spoeker ·

    my love for lomo is endless - like an endless horizon ;)

  25. susielomovitz
    susielomovitz ·


  26. dotdotdot
    dotdotdot ·

    Dear Lomo LC-A+,
    I've been always dreaming about you since the day I held onto you during the great lc-a race. You've brought the amazing analogue colors to me and it really make alot of difference from then on.. After these months, I felt that I can't go on with my life without you. Please give me a chance to have u in my heart and hands again. I will cherish you for eternally.

  27. benb
    benb ·

    She was my love....
    I miss her :(

  28. sarahboat
    sarahboat ·

    Lomography - How do I love thee? Let me count the ways:
    1 for the glorious color of slide film
    2 for the deep and dark beauty of black and white film
    3 for the happy results of multiple exposures
    4 for the gift of creativity I hold in my eager hands
    These are but a few of my admirations for you, dear Lomography. More unfold as each new roll of film is developed!

  29. daby
    daby ·

    I wanted the Fisheye so badly, but couldn't buy it in Croatia. So, I was saving up and bought it in Vienna and since the first day i took it in my hands, my love for it grew every day more and more!! I never go anywhere without her ( yep, it's a her :). The photo I submitted is the first photo we made under the water, last summer. It's L'amour tout court (just plain love)!!!

  30. squamy
    squamy ·

    Where my own Lomo Love Story began. Lisbon 2007, I stumble upon an exciting looking shop in Bairro Alto whilst visiting my sister. Lomography? I'm intrigued. An hour of browsing later I am the proud owner of a Supersampler and I set off to capture the sights of the city. This picture is from the 1st roll of film I had developed. Since then I have been hooked, taking my Lomo wherever I go. It never leaves my side. I love you Lomo. Happy Valentines Day!

  31. next
    next ·

    My love of photography began with you lomography, it stops me feeling lonely and opens my eyes to the world around me! from the smallest smile to the most delicate branch i feel more in-tune with the world through your plastic lens. Thank you for all the good times, and the many more that are to come.

  32. evelet
    evelet ·

    You send me lovely things in the post, so I have packed a little of my heart for you in return

  33. dewdr0p
    dewdr0p ·

    Through Lomography I see how the world should be... :-D

  34. torium
    torium ·

    It was love at the first sight when I saw LC-A at the shop. Ever since we have had good as well as bad times, but my love to her is unconditional.

  35. bravo831
    bravo831 ·

    lomo ill never forget those long summer days with you , i know it was a long tiime ago but ive finally relized that my true love was right here in front of me this hole time, lomo, i love you

  36. v0wels
    v0wels ·

    This photo was taken on one of the most wonderful afternoons of my life, spent playing in the leaves with the man I love and the camera I love!

  37. mariefisen
    mariefisen ·

    Oh, i remember the first time i was at your place in London. Great times, great times. I took this photo right after we said goodbye, and as you see, I'm in the heart <3

  38. liyaliquorice
    liyaliquorice ·

    good girls like it LO-FI ;)

  39. tildoo
    tildoo ·

    hehe hope it's gonna be legendaryyy
    LomoLove <3

  40. chikapop
    chikapop ·

    lomography, you make me happier than a bride on her wedding day. And I dream of the day i can say "I do" to a lomo lca

  41. emma-sailor
    emma-sailor ·

    film cameras are unpredictable - when you want them to work they wont and when you want them to do something wacky they are nice and normal...a bit like people! my photos are of mikee and his smena which i steal as much as possible and a DIY development on a broken camera. thats film love.

  42. mattcharnock
    mattcharnock ·

    my dearest darling LCA, It's been several months since you left and not a day has gone by that i havn't thought of you, that i havn't missed you and longed to spend just one more day mesmorised by your red light,entranced by your plastic lens and embraced in the glory of your vignettes, be mine this valentine and fill this LCA shaped hole in my heart. L.O.V.E (Lomo On Vigorously Everyone!)

  43. disdis
    disdis ·

    Lomogrphy makes me love the world a little more! The way I see the world by the lenses of lomography changes my mind.

  44. copefan
    copefan ·

    holy cow......i'd love to win, but I love taking pictures even more!

  45. kenziemelvin
    kenziemelvin ·

    I don't have a picture to upload, and I don't expect to win. Heck with no photo i'm not competition to the rest. All I can say is that this site has opened my eyes to the lomography world. I live in Canada and no permission to order items from the internet I have no way to recieve any of these, especially in a small town that has no stores that supply such cameras; but this site keeps my hopes up that this year when i travel to New York in hopes to find the store location, that i'll be pleasently surprised with the merchandise.

  46. dogma
    dogma ·

    When you love so much, so hard, so deep, even so that you would like to eat a live your beloved one, what are you doing? Baking a tasty cake looking like your loved one and eating it to feed your love! LC-A I love you!

  47. vicuna
    vicuna ·

    This JE T'AIME shot goes to Kathi: she's my love, my second half, she's deep in my heart and shares my life, my joys, my pains, my (analog)passion, she always supports me ... well my life would be empty and senseless without her....

  48. tessaj
    tessaj ·

    Lomo, ik hou van je! Oui je t'aime and yes, i love you und ich liebe dich auch!
    (and if you really need a prove for that: i arranged my travels so that I could visit as much as lomography shops as possible and I have visited 7 different lomography shops in the past year)

  49. akillerbluesky
    akillerbluesky ·

    form birth photography has always been a part of me. my fondest memories are of me and my dad in his darkroom. with technology changing photography i decide to stay classic. film is the only way to go. i love lomography!

  50. mrrotivlarbac
    mrrotivlarbac ·

    You make my night a day, color splash flash...

  51. issor23
    issor23 ·

    My best friend is the object of my affection. She is so sweet and (as you can see) incredibly beautiful, though she always denies it. Her name should be in the dictionary as the definition of the word friendship. She is truly the most wonderful girl I have ever known. :)
    The photo also shows the reason I was first attracted to Lomography and the Diana Mini: double exposures! I don't even own a digital camera anymore because I enjoy my Mini so much. I would love to have it's older sister!

  52. trickiwoo
    trickiwoo ·

    I celebrate every Valentine's Day with my Lomo cameras!!!

  53. trickiwoo
    trickiwoo ·

    Sorry, my computer is having problems.... Let me try this again!

  54. trickiwoo
    trickiwoo ·

    How much do I love my Lomos? I spend every Valentine's Day with them!

  55. ayastarsailor
    ayastarsailor ·

    Roses are red. Violets are blue. :P
    And Lomo, my love i'm crazy for you! <333

  56. icuresick
    icuresick ·

    I went AWOL (Absence without Leave) from my work so I could attend Lomomanila's celebration of LCA's 25th anniversary, June 2009! It's already February 2010 and I'm still unemployed, but if you'll give me any item on my wishlist you'll add FUN to it. And then, I will be funemployed!

  57. myriam-l
    myriam-l ·

    my 2 loves on the same picture... what could be better ? <3<3<3

  58. lcaramori
    lcaramori ·

    Muses come and go. Only my LC-A is truly and forever faithful.

  59. -a-l-b-e-r-t-o-
    -a-l-b-e-r-t-o- ·

    my shot for love goes to my girlfriend...thanks LSI for your love

  60. lomoblood
    lomoblood ·

    ohh my darling my thirteen year old heart longs for you........i know you'll never lay yourself in my arms......... or will you? thats for the lsi gods to decide ;]
    anywaaay, it all started when i got my lomo lc-a as my new-years present just a couple months ago..........and since then, my newbie self has been hooked on capturing beautiful images through the lomo's lovely eye.

  61. deepfried_goodness
    deepfried_goodness ·

    Here's my photo of the object of my affection. What? No, it's not what you think . . . she is warm and give me wool for sweaters. Really. Why won't you believe me? Dirty minds, the whole lot of you.

  62. kaitlinmae
    kaitlinmae ·

    I love lomography because it is my escape from every day life into a more unpredictable, surprising, and color-saturated world!

  63. elisear
    elisear ·

    We met in Paris six years ago with the help of the ActionSampler. We have kept the love alive through Holga, Diana, Fisheye, Oktomat, and we spice it up sometimes with a color ringflash! We don't believe in exclusivity.

  64. disdis
    disdis ·

    My love to lomo is like the sentences of this Crooked Fingers song (Sleep all sumer)
    Weary sun, sleep tonight, go crashing into the ocean
    Cut the line that ties the tide and moon, ancient and blue
    We take our empty hearts and fill them up with broken things
    To hang on humming wire like cheap lamps down a dead end street
    Close your weary eyes until the wintertime
    And every time we turn away it hits me like a tidal wave
    I would change for you but, babe, that doesn't mean I'm gonna be a better man
    Give the ocean what I took from you so one day you could find it in the sand
    And hold it in your hands again

  65. sp1rt
    sp1rt ·

    Lomography is one of my pure emotions. Sometimes I'm mad about something, sometimes happy, and sometimes I'm lomographical. Then everything around me turns lomographical too and my mood is being transmitted directly into my camera. Together we - me and my camera - endeavour to capture the moment and share it with the world.
    Yes, it's info from my LomoHome but my english is too bad to write something new ;)

  66. olique
    olique ·

    lomography open my mind...

  67. sam_vanroon
    sam_vanroon ·

    Starting with a Holga 120N and moving my way up, my love for lomography and the creativity it creates grows even more passionately than my love for collecting new cameras and exploring new places to photograph. I've dreamed of shooting with a Lubitel 166+ since it was released and hope to win it more than you could imagine. Thanks and good luck to my competitors!

  68. granka_a
    granka_a ·

    Dear Holga! I don't care what people say about loving a girl... I'm lomosexual!

  69. satomi
    satomi ·

    lomography and cats are what's I'm the most passionate about, and I find many similarities- they are both fun, cute, unexpectable, and I can't stop playing with them!!!

  70. vtayeh
    vtayeh ·

    Dear Lomography: You help me capture the amazing moments happening all around me in its most raw and true form. This is why I love you so. Always and Forever ~Violeta

  71. drehoh177
    drehoh177 ·

    Analogue photography swept me off my feet in the past year. It began when I purchased a bizarre creature named 'Holga' that caught my attention one day. Since then I have been infatuated with the idea of analogue photography. But as a destitute student, money stands in the way of me and expanding my love to other mediums. I am hoping this Valentine's rumble will bless me with a camera to capture those precious moments that pass us by everyday.

  72. superdumb
    superdumb ·

    Ack! The scanner is out. Must fix so I can share pictures of our new basset hound puppy...

  73. emilios
    emilios ·

    The beach next to my house, my infinity ku ku hoe paddle board, a cold beer in my hand and a Lubitels two dark "eyes".
    Thank u Lomo for bringing me here.

  74. vtayeh
    vtayeh ·

    BTW, I just saw that the HOLGA Jack Edition is back in stock! PLEASE, PRETTY PLEASE, Pick this from my wishlist.... I LOOOOOVVVVE the White Stripes and this is PERFECT for Valentines, red and white.... and oh what a awesome filter!

  75. ssamm66
    ssamm66 ·

    Love and Rockets...And Lomography! See my shots and hear the music!

  76. cybervixen
    cybervixen ·

    The romance of a deadbeat summer, captured perfectly by the Holga's dreamy light leaks and the haziness of a bright yellow flowers in full bloom created through double exposure. The unexpected panorama and frame overlap only strengthens my love for the dear Holga.

  77. lomosexual_manboy
    lomosexual_manboy ·

    Wherever I go lomography follows whether it be through the lens of a lomo camera or just my skewed photographic eye. My valentines wish is to share this with a new lomo love.

  78. rater
    rater ·

    I, rater, take you my cameras everywhere,
    to shoot and re-shoot everyday,
    for better, for worse,
    for richer, for (mostly) poorer,
    in sickness and in health,
    to x-pro and to make doubles
    for the rest of the film,
    according to the ten golden rules of Lomography.
    This is my solemn vow.

  79. fivedayforecast
    fivedayforecast ·

    I've been in love with film and the crazy unreplicateable effects it can give a picture. I'm broke because of this love which can be a problem. I'd love it oh so much more if girls I wrote love letters to actually read them. *Sigh* But my film can always get me though that problem. ;]

  80. fivedayforecast
    fivedayforecast ·

    A 35mm camera that can take double exposures or a White Stripes camera is a slight fancy of mine as well. hint hint

  81. moddycollage
    moddycollage ·

    My first was the fisheye one, gold. It was beautful and exciting and my love of lomography and analogue has continued to grow since. It reached out to the supersampler (pink dalek), then the oktomat, the actionsampler, the holga, and the colorsplash. My love is ever growing and yearns for more cameras and film!

  82. adi_totp
    adi_totp ·

    my shot for love goes to my girlfriend? me too! gosssh! I forgot how many shot of my girlfriend! it's like too many :) Love You,Little Girl!

  83. mandashitley
    mandashitley ·

    hello lomo. the object of my affection..... is whatever you wish to give me. jk

  84. ak47lomogurl
    ak47lomogurl ·

    My Honey Bunny: I know I have been keeping you waiting, wanting for us to get back together. You've shown me great efforts and you've shown me how huge your heart and love is for me.. You don't have to wait much longer because I've finally found the answer to my questions -- YES. YOU are the one i love, and I am willing to risk everything for you! <3

  85. bakeylove
    bakeylove ·

    This photo is my two close friends holding hands. I chose it because Valentines day is not just about "that special someone" but it's about showing everyone you love just how much you care about them.
    Analog love. <3

  86. strangelilgirl
    strangelilgirl ·

    My submitted photo was one of the first taken with my first lomo camera: the fisheye 2. 3 of my loves came into my life all at once, and as you ALL know, they are: my cat Boots (pictured), my boyfriend Anthony, and analogue photography (i.e. Lomography!!!). I am happy to say that all 3 loves are still persevering, stronger than ever! Lomography has been with me to document my happy little world and these people/creatures that make it revolve so pleasantly. Lomography is ingrained in my future as well as my memories!

  87. docrock17
    docrock17 ·

    I got my Holga and my puppy around the same time, and it's really hard to say which I love more... SORRY, LUKE!!! I have been taking pictures of him ever since he was a puppy, and since I raised him to be a photo dog, he is always ready for a shoot! Thank you, Lomography, for helping me find a new way to say "How cute!!!!!" every time I get my prints back.

    Oh, and... he won't pose for digital cameras :-P

  88. vstephanie
    vstephanie ·

    All boyfriends come and go,
    But lomography is here to stay.
    Whether it's the Lubi or LCA,
    My analogue lovers make my day.

  89. alxxlbkk
    alxxlbkk ·

    close your eyes and snap for love

  90. seohun
    seohun ·

    Be my valentine.
    Be the film in my Lomo and capture every moments in my life.

    Не могу жить без тебя.

  91. seohun
    seohun ·

    Be my valentine.
    Be the film in my Lomo and capture every moments in my life.

    Не могу жить без тебя.

  92. thefluff
    thefluff ·

    I just got my Diana Mini for Christmas and have fallen in love with lomography already. The first picture I submitted came from my first roll that was almost completely blank but this picture came out beautifully! I thought, how did I do that? I love the unexpectedness of the film, especially with the half shots from my Diana Mini. I still haven't gotten the hang of it, but I don't really want to. It's too fun to just see what happens. <3 Lomography

  93. seohun
    seohun ·

    Be my valentine.
    Be the film in my Lomo and capture every moments in my life.

    Не могу жить без тебя.

  94. seohun
    seohun ·

    Be my valentine.
    Be the film in my Lomo and capture every moments in my life.

    Не могу жить без тебя.

  95. seohun
    seohun ·

    Be my valentine.
    Be the film in my Lomo and capture every moments in my life.

    Не могу жить без тебя.

  96. dirklancer
    dirklancer ·

    I love my son and I love that he loves cameras too!

  97. seohun
    seohun ·

    Be my valentine.
    Be the film in my Lomo and capture every moments in my life.

    Не могу жить без тебя.

  98. seohun
    seohun ·

    Be my valentine.
    Be the film in my Lomo and capture every moments in my life.

    Не могу жить без тебя.

  99. mensoll
    mensoll ·

    You colorsplash my world Lomo! xx Mel

  100. jumpingfurnaces
    jumpingfurnaces ·

    The photo I'm submitting is of fireworks. I think fireworks represent summertime and summertime is when all the loves in my life come home. When all my loves come home, I feel like fireworks. And Lomography has helped me capture all those summertime memories so I can remember them while my loves are away for all the other seasons of the year.

  101. britt-megan
    britt-megan ·

    Dear Diana,

    Thank you for showing me that this ordinary building that you pass by each and every summer day, is worth filming. And thank you for showing me there is a magic in all thats around you, every perpetual minute. There is art in losing control.

  102. ninjallama
    ninjallama ·

    I submitted a picture of myself, and photos of me are a rarity. No longer to my friends and fiance cringe at the thought of using my DSLR with a million buttons. The friend that took the picture of me bought me FIVE new lomo cameras as a wedding gift! Now when we're out bowling or goofing around, there will be pictures of me because now my friends LOVE taking photos that are simple and honest.

  103. aamb
    aamb ·

    One of my first pictures and the most funny one i have got in many years, it remembers me how spontaneous i need to be to get the most lovely pictures.

    Moko (my dog) begs for some lomolove n_n

  104. seohun
    seohun ·

    Be my eyes and capture every moments of my life.

  105. seohun
    seohun ·

    oops, do not meant to spam the message box. =x
    the msg couldn't load just now, connection error.

  106. jblaze823
    jblaze823 ·

    my 2 loves , my wife and analog photography, Happy Valentine's Day everybody...

  107. cyan-shine
    cyan-shine ·

    Oh, Lomography! How I love thee in all your analog splendour! Thy incarnations so ensorcelling, the smell of your emulsions, the perfume of your leathered and plastic bodies, how beautiful your lenses, that grant me sight; me, who I was blind... To caress your shutters, winding cogs and focusing rings, such enchanting presence, every click of yours to heaven lets me rise. Thine gifts so pure, when I retrieve from your innermost the spark of love, exposed film. Then when Rodinal you grant me, I get drunk off your beauty, which fixer forever secures; even in monochrome you are so full of colours, cyan shine...
    I love thee, my Valentine, thus I grant you my name. Forbidden our love may be, but you are a true love of mine (just don't tell my wife)...
    Yours eternally,

  108. goldie
    goldie ·

    LC-A love

  109. street_smile
    street_smile ·

    My boyfriend knows he can't come between us, Holga, film will always be my first love

  110. bear1973
    bear1973 ·

    The fisheye2, I love this camera it turns my whole world upside down!

  111. venusattack
    venusattack ·

    The first time I set eyes on you, I knew in that magical instant that I can never forget this moment. Purple Walls, Orange Sun, Yellow T and the Greenest Grass are made alive just for you. With you beside me in every step I take, I know I will never fall. Happy Valentine's Day to everyone and that's everyday for me! I hope it's the same with you too...

  112. shhquiet
    shhquiet ·

    keep it coming, sweethearts ;)

  113. mephisto19
    mephisto19 ·

    well... i think i am an analogue lover.... analogue photography is as sweet as candy and imagine digital candy... incredible! and i desperatly want the multi pinhole operator!

  114. mrs-paul
    mrs-paul ·

    Mr Paul is always the object of my affections... he always looks so damn gorgeous on film!!

  115. chiyen90
    chiyen90 ·

    dogs and lomo are loves <3

  116. chiyen90
    chiyen90 ·

    Dogs and Lomo are loves <3

  117. adi_totp
    adi_totp ·

    oh yes.. I forgot to tell.. Lubitel Is For Lovers, Lovers Is For Valentine. Valentine with Lovers With Lubitel :D

  118. cubilas
    cubilas ·

    My girlfriend made a heart out of the wax packing of a little cheese called Babybel. I put it on the pool of our rental house in the south of France where we spent the holidays. In return for her heart I made this picture for her.

    It's also love for lomo because it has the vibrant colours, vignetting and feel that the authentic Lomo LC-A has.

  119. jake
    jake ·

    To Lomography.
    Every time I hold open the shutter exposing the negative or slide to the dreamy colors and lovely landscapes you produce in every photograph.

  120. bluenude3
    bluenude3 ·

    Life without film, I could not imagine. My holga, fisheye, and all their low fi friends are like members of the family. If I had to go without my film, it would be like going a day without my coffee. I love you lomography and hope that I never have to go day without my photos OR my coffee!

  121. putyourphazzersonstun
    putyourphazzersonstun ·

    She and my Holga coloured my life. Now I only have one wish left - to become more natural again with a the fine Fuji Natura Classica.

  122. farofa
    farofa ·

    My girls are my passion, but taking analogue photos of them is a close second...

  123. smokshanne
    smokshanne ·

    Loving the lomo-lover. Does that make me a lomo-lover too? No horses, please.

  124. geniefrancis
    geniefrancis ·

    Roses are red,
    Violets are blue,
    My object(s) of affection are:
    My Mini Diana, Champagne, London, and that Scottish dude!

  125. kylewis
    kylewis ·

    It was my lovely husband that introduced me to Lomo so only he has himself to blame for being a "Lomo widow" because I spend All my time devoted to the art of lomo! My first was a flashy yellow Supersampler many years ago, There's not much I haven't tried since but I would love to do a bit of 'swinging' try some Lubi love and capture it on eight frames for a film!!! OOh Analogue heaven.

  126. eugenia
    eugenia ·

    no se como decirlo en ingles;)
    I Love Lomo ♥
    I love my Holga ♥
    I love the future because it is analogue o.+

  127. twisters
    twisters ·

    Not only did my lovely lady friend introduce me to my lovely red El Toro but over our years together she has encouraged an appreciation of the equine world... On holiday in Salzburg with Herself and my camera I snapped a couple of noble steeds dutifully awaiting their next instruction. They had to stay still in the cold evening long enough for me to paint this analogue treat. I thanked them, we parted ways and I have my Lomograph to remember them by.

  128. silvertooth
    silvertooth ·

    Every time I clickclick, my lomo shows me how much it loves me back.

  129. longcg
    longcg ·

    I love lomography, as much as I love my city...

  130. stinketier
    stinketier ·

    Lomography just showed me a different point of view to discover the world.
    It's like I'm seeing through new eyes.

  131. michellem
    michellem ·

    lomography is analogous with love

  132. superlighter
    superlighter ·

    I'm sorry, I don't believe in love, I only believe in sex.

  133. catarella
    catarella ·

    Here it is what lomography does to me: pure joy, laughter and a warm feeling whenever I carry my Lomo cameras with me! First my Supersampler, now my Diana Snowcat, and I just want MORE! =D

  134. harkathon
    harkathon ·

    The SuperSampler film accident "Capillaries" in my gallery reperesents everything I love about Lomo. The effect is extreme but not pre-meditated, giving the image a brutal kind of honesty to its materials, which is for me one of Lomography's greatest strengths. An added bonus here is that the red effect teams up with the subject matter (spindly tree branches) to become a reminiscent illusion of something else entirely, namely the minute capillaries that pump blood to our own image catchers- our eyes. A Valentines reminder that it is not just our hearts that rely on the red stuff.

  135. paperlullaby
    paperlullaby ·

    Why do I love lomo? Well why is the sky blue? It's just one of those things that is common fact and no one gives a lollipop as to why it is.

  136. olique
    olique ·

    only one picture I can put?

  137. disdis
    disdis ·

    Lomography writes the story of my life

  138. lomo_the_nations
    lomo_the_nations ·

    Like the ocean meets the skies, my love for Lomo never dies <3

  139. wherearemysunglasses
    wherearemysunglasses ·

    Hello, Diana, the pleasure is mine,
    Holga's offended by this seeming crime...
    I'd like us to sneak out together,
    though Holga does compliment my jacket in leather,
    I can't resist, I dream of you,
    And that way you look in aqua blue...

  140. bakeylove
    bakeylove ·

    Valentines day is about finding things that make you happy, things you can love, despite the chilling winter.

  141. ilovemydiana
    ilovemydiana ·

    perhaps a seductive glance shall win you over?

  142. jenipaamaa
    jenipaamaa ·

    At first I started with an ActionSampler, a 35mm film and a willing analouge heart. Lomography made my life complete. To be rather honest, I coulnd't live without it. It even makes my cat happy.

  143. qcpassok
    qcpassok ·

    I've never had a lomographic camera of my own before because I can't afford one but I've always been using film cameras and have tried to make lomo effects out of them, but it's just useless. Nothing like using a REAL lomo!

  144. ziggy-s
    ziggy-s ·

    My heart klicks when i see you!

  145. satahbee
    satahbee ·

    let me be your valentine lomography xxx

  146. le
    le ·

    he puts the "mmmm" in my lomographs!!! my two loves combine for beautiful lomographs, analogue memories to hold close to my heart til death do us part xo

  147. taylor-nose
    taylor-nose ·

    I dream diana dreams,
    holga skies I always see.
    I speak in lc-a..

    forever I'll love you lomography.

  148. sookhui
    sookhui ·

    The Diana F+ loaned from a friend started it all. The anticipation, the imperfection, the colours. There was no looking back from then on. Analogue photography is here to stay.

  149. pekmezmed
    pekmezmed ·

    don't you just love those tender moments captured by a 110 film? so small but so full of lovely goodness! <3 <3

  150. eastmoe
    eastmoe ·

    love is a sign that difficult to understand but easy to speak.find your true love and love them until your death.its ok if you did not find your true love,at least your hardly try to find it.1 wider love must come to you soon..i need 1 wider love.its u,ms horizon perfekt..

    p/s sorry,bad english =)

  151. pixie
    pixie ·

    my first competition!! it's soo exciting!
    i got this fisheye camera for christmas and my days and perception of the ordinary life changed!! this camera is the subject of my love and this pict means a lot for me! it was my first picture and it shows my bestfriend and me on christmas at 4 am! we both couldn't go back to spend this day with our familes in our countries so we decided to spend it together in london where we work! it's been magical and happy eventhough we were miles away from home!

  152. jennay_jean
    jennay_jean ·

    I love you LC-A... i love you analogue photography. you allow me to cast paint with light and image, one layer over the next organically. i will never leave you for the instant gratification of instant photos or using technology to make them look "perfect". you record the world's perfection with your own creative touch. i am indebted to your creativity and genius.

  153. thesarahshow
    thesarahshow ·

    Dear LC-A. You've been with me through thick and thin for the past 8 years. I love you much, and no matter what happens, I will never let you go. Love, Sarah.

  154. cruesi
    cruesi ·

    my picture shows my valentine shot with my diana+ i got 2 years ago. i'm addicted to lomo since and still not getting enough of the analogue lomo love!

  155. strawberryfiction
    strawberryfiction ·

    Lomo is my life! Or my life is Lomo? However, I never, absolutely never, leave home without one, two or even three cameras in my handbag. I cannot live without the art of photography, it has become the sweetest emotion/addiction there ever was. I see everything in new colors and I always make up new ways to document every day. I love you all! Lomolovers or not, we are all committing to this world. :)

  156. iakona75
    iakona75 ·

    Lovin' my girl and my pups! :) Lovin' the Lomo LC-A too!! :)

  157. jake
    jake ·

    I <3 lomo

  158. mimjamil
    mimjamil ·

    my love started with this first ever shot using a diana.during that time i didnt know wth is slides as im just using ordinary negatives.the shot was taken when i just got my diana from the courier and i eagerly tried it after school with some friends as 'models' whose reading the diana booklet.

    since then it was my pleasure to grab those stuffs :
    1.Horizon perfekt
    2.Fuji natura
    3.Kodak ektar
    4.Sidekick bag
    5.A bunch of slide films

  159. blackcollarfilms
    blackcollarfilms ·

    I love taking pictures with my diana camera. just being able to point & shoot without really having to think about it. And I get to take silly pictures of my wife, now that's love.

  160. fivedayforecast
    fivedayforecast ·

    Okay. I just found out that one girl I was in love with is a lesbian. If that doesn't help me win something I don't know what will.

  161. manfromuz
    manfromuz ·

    It all started with stumbling upon a little pop 9 in a thrift shop. It was golden and like finding a treasure in all that stuff. Now i put in as much time as i can to take my cam and shoot all i photo says it for i am waiting for lots of lomo lovin'....

  162. colorconsumption
    colorconsumption ·

    Even if the weather is bad, the trek is too difficult, or how crazy all of those events we went through, me and my Diana camera would never fall apart! Live forever!

  163. sustutepuphay
    sustutepuphay ·

    I used to search for love
    Then I found Holga

  164. born-to-ruin
    born-to-ruin ·

    Just like the beautiful, unquantifiable emotion we describe as love, lomography also has its share of quirks, idiosyncrasies and undefinable charms! These and the unmeasurable qualities of analogue photography have changed my eyes, my heart, my whole perspective and place on this planet. I am forever changed as a result of my first roll of kodak 120, taken on my Diana F+. I will, from now until the end of all time remain humbled, inspired & in deepest love of my quirky little camera!

  165. thycursed
    thycursed ·

    I am all so lonely this valentines which makes it so stupid
    So LSI, won't you be my cupid
    Please send some analogue love to keep me company
    And i swear i will love you many many many !

  166. aim2run
    aim2run ·

    would be lovely to have a smena or an LC-A+ so i could use a krab

  167. fuzk23
    fuzk23 ·

    When I first knew you, you wouldn't listen to me.
    You wouldn't work with me and everything became a blur after how you treated me.
    I never gave up, and I tried my best to know you.
    Finally, you relented and I succeeded.
    We made many beautiful memories together.

    You fell sick one day and I couldn't stop worrying.
    I sent you to the hospital just so you could get better.
    I didn't care how much it took to cure you, I just want you by my side.
    Thank goodness you recovered. and now you're in my arms again.

    Felicia (my LC-A), don't ever leave me again because I'll never let you go.

  168. badtz
    badtz ·

    a whole lotta love ... ♥

  169. jacjac
    jacjac ·

    I met you in the fall of '05. Your name, Fisheye. You were encased in gold plastic and I knew right then and there...I had to have you. We were inseparable, I took you everywhere. Remember that weekend we went ice fishing upstate? Our love blossomed until one day you left me after our visit to my parents house. I haven't heard from you.

    It took me two years to get over you and in '08 i fell in love again. With Holga. She's different from you, she's bright and colourful and a little schizophrenic (she flashes different colours everyday, sometimes i can't keep up) and she makes me smile. =) Last week her light went out and I had to get her a companion...for both of us really. Hello Holga 120GN and ring flash - a striking duo who always draw compliments from passers by. My Holga's can rival any pro camera out there. The four of us are one big happy lomo family.

    My dear Holga's, I know with tape I can control you but sometimes I just have to let the light shine through. <3

  170. superlighter
    superlighter ·

    Lomography! only you can make me change the idea that love does not exist.

  171. meesh87
    meesh87 ·

    This boy is the love of my life and the Diana captures his whimsy and sprit perfectly!

  172. eva_eva
    eva_eva ·

    We meet because of lomo, and we fall in love because of lomo. :) And with lomo, our love grows. Love you my valentine, Jhunnie. :)

  173. lomo_the_nations
    lomo_the_nations ·

    Like the ocean meets the skies, my love for Lomo never dies <3. It all started with "bulba," the fisheye1, then "kumu," the supersampler, then "kuuipo," the HolgaCFN, then lastly "Leilani," the LCA+. I love you all. Oh how my heart longs for a Panoramic Horizon Perfekt. Oh the endless possibilities we'd do together. An endless panorama of the island I live on. please lomo gods, i wish i wish i wish!!!

  174. nene_photography
    nene_photography ·

    Dear Holga,
    your plastic body is the sexiest I've ever seen in my life. I love you as much as I love all the moments you fix on paper for me. A pic with my boyfriend: best gift ever. Definitely.

  175. dianae
    dianae ·

    my boyfriend got me this Christmas a mini diana ♥, before that he had a fish eye and we just have so much fun playing with them. At first I thought that minidiana hated me but after a long talk I discovered that she is mad because she can´t go out at night : ( she needs her flash. So it would be awesome if minidiana can have some love at night este día de San Valentín : )

  176. lacapitana
    lacapitana ·

    Oh, mi colorsplahs, como todo amor, te encontré por casualidad.
    Ahora, vas dando color, incluso en la oscuridad.

    Oh, my colorsplahs, like all love, I came across.
    Now, you're giving color, even in the dark.

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