My City of Krasnodar


Krasnodar-Little Paris. The city is located on right to river bank Kuban, in 1350 km from Moscow, on border with Adygea. A city territory — 840 Population of the city – 710,7 thousand inhabitants (2009) (18-th in Russia).

Central city street, as always, is the street Red, planned as the southern “Nevsky Prospect”, which are located along the main institutions, libraries, hotels, theaters and department stores. Notably, that the main street of the city were not affected by the renaming of the total during the Soviet era, and it was his original name – Red.Some surviving ancient buildings in the city center gives a vivid idea of the shape Ekaterinodar late 19 – early 20 th centuries, when the inhabitants called their city “Little Paris”. Classicism, later baroque and modern – all styles are represented in urban development.

Modern architecture of the city rather organically incorporated into the overall architectural context. In the center of Krasnodar every house is a small town with its internal alleys formed by other houses and outbuildings. Usually in such a mini-city living one big family.City asphalted, but the places where the tram rails were laid, paved with cobblestones. On the territory of the city park them. Gorky and on the adjacent street Thalmann are unique monuments of nature – three hundred-year oaks and ginkgo biloba.

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