Kodak Gold 200: Expired But Still Full of Color!

2013-07-08 3

Recently, I found a dated roll of Kodak Gold 200 in my old camera bag. That roll had been in there for at least seven years, maybe even longer. It already expired at least five years ago.

Credits: wesco

Well, my camera bag was in the attic for years, and it is always pretty hot there in the summer, so these were really bad conditions to preserve rolls of film. Because I was wondering whether the roll would still give usable pictures, I put it in a simple plastic camera that I had received once as a gift from the Postbank. Then the little camera went with us on vacation to Paris.

Credits: wesco

First there was some doubt whether the roll was loaded correctly, but it turned out only the counter was broken. This resulted in some beautiful light leaks in the first pictures. Next, all family members shot some photos of the Paris landmarks, and of each other.

Credits: wesco

Because it was quite cloudy when making these pictures and already later in the afternoon, these are a little underexposed. The Postbank camera has a fixed aperture and shutter speed, and the iso 200 shows its limitations. Expired film becomes less sensitive to light over the years also. But precisely because of that, these pictures got a certain look that fits in well with the relaxed atmosphere of that afternoon in Paris.

Credits: wesco

Back in the Netherlands it turned out the roll was not yet completely full, and on a sunny afternoon the camera went with us to the swimming pool. At home we made a few family photos in the garden, where our youngest daughter managed to make an interesting composition.

Credits: wesco

Remarkably, these last pictures have become very bright and colorful, of course helped by the sun. But you can see that a pretty expired film certainly does not have to give unsatisfactory results. The Kodak Gold emulsion can certainly take a beating, and provides after many years, still the vivid colors it is known for!

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  1. jaszee
    jaszee ·

    Love the colors! what camera are you using?

  2. wesco
    wesco ·

    @jaszee: Thanks! I used a cheap plastic camera which I got from the Postbank as a promotion: www.lomography.com/magazine/reviews/2013/05/10/postbank-pan… (not yet translated in English)

  3. jaszee
    jaszee ·

    @wesco Thanks for the link! the camera definitely looks cute and with a hotshoe? thats just simply awesome! even tho its not translated to english, the picture spoke a thousand laguages. :)

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