Stop Motion Sunday: How It's Made - Stop-Frame Animation


This installment of Stop Motion Sunday picks up from last week’s feature on the history of puppetry for stop-motion animation technique. So, if you’d like to learn how the technique is done at present, go ahead and read on!

Last week, we shared with you an episode of Discovery Channel’s Movie Magic documentary on the history of puppetry for stop-motion animation in films. If the previous installment piqued your interest, today’s offering presents a more modern perspective on how stop-motion animation and puppetry is done.

While there has certainly been a lot of improvements when it comes to designing and making puppets for stop-motion animation, the process of doing the whole animated film remains a painstaking and elaborate one. How It’s Made, another documentary from Discovery and Science Channel, shows how modern-day stop-motion animation is done at this time and age:

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