Locations Log Book: Summer Hot Spots


So, let’s talk about Summer! Now that the season’s in and school’s out, check out where some of our fellow Lomographers have been hanging out, before you head out to your own summer destination! High five!

Credits: marta1901

Summer Hot Spots: As Catedrais Beach by marta1901

“As Catedrais beach was declared a Natural Monument some years ago. Why? Well, the interesting feature of this 10km beach has to do with nature’s architecture! Every low tide, the beach shows all its beauty. Natural arches and caves appear, and they can only be seen for some hours!”

Credits: lomofrue

Summer Hot Spots: Lake Jarun in Zagreb by lomofrue

“Lake Jarun is a lake situated in the biggest city of Croatia and its capital Zagreb. […] Lake Jarun is a city lake, but that doesn’t mean it’s polluted. It’s actually quite clean and every summer, the beaches around it are full of people. "

Credits: sandravo

Summer Hot Spots: The Annual Antwerp Fair Sinksenfoor by sandravo

“Every year, right around the time summer arrives, the biggest fair in Belgium takes place: the Antwerp Sinksenfoor. With over 150 attractions, it is probably even bigger then any of the regular theme parks we have. This fair has a long standing tradition, dating back to the 19th century.”

Credits: plasticpopsicle

Summer Hot Spots: Liwliwa Beach, San Felipe, Zambales by plasticpopsicle

“People flock to Liwliwa Beach because it’s a popular surf spot, especially among beginners. I’m no surfer, but I find it to be a nice spot to beach bum and occasionally take a dip during the day, and go stargazing next to a bonfire (and some drinks) at night.”

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