Konstrukt Your Own Kamera!

2013-06-28 4

It’s only been two weeks since the Konstruktor came out and we’re already digging the monumental Lomographs you guys have been shooting with the do-it-yourself 35mm SLR! Haven’t built your own camera yet? Boost your creativity and get a Konstruktor today!

Credits: pearlgirl77, wapclub & orangebird

It’s easy to say you take analogue photos, quite impressive to say you’ve self-developed your film as well, but how about building the camera yourself? That’s definitely a feat worth boasting about and now you can with Lomography’s new 35mm do-it-yourself plastic SLR film camera, the *Konstruktor*!

Some keen and crafty community members got first dibs on the Konstruktor when it launched and below are just some of the cool Konstruktor images they’ve taken with it after assembling the camera with their own hands!

Credits: danika, nickpage, ccwu, earlybird, hodachrome, opon21, linuxbcn, gakurou, orangebird, lichtschilder, danielmtong, pan_dre, akabee, atomic_kh, jeansman, nural, dopic, shamusshoot, mmechoux, nitro-alice, bomboniera, trumboy, dakadev_pui & pearlgirl77

Makes you want to konstrukt your own kamera, doesn’t it?

Get your own Konstruktor at the Online Shop or from Lomography Gallery Stores around the world!

Already have one? Read up on Konstruktor articles in the Magazine or join the Konstruktor Construction Rumble!

*Visit the Konstruktor microsite for more info.*

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